I was asked to do a guest post on a very male orientated
blog called Ramblings of a Semi-Mad Man.  I
must admit I felt quite chuffed at myself for being considered worthy and it
added a certain level of excitement to my life this week (yeah I know, I don’t
get out enough – it sure doesn’t take a lot to get me all worked up).  Anyway, I managed to churn something out and
send it off and was really pleased when Matt actually posted it.  Please pop over to his site and view my guest post and please leave a message to say you were there. 
Rambling on…
Read the following on another blog today – not sure how
to respond – WTF or can I watch?

Only 1 man in 400 is flexible enough to give himself oral pleasure however it is estimated that all 400 have given it their best shot at some point 🙂  Read more….

Hubby’s car in a for a service so I’m left driving son no
1’s car – and listening to Gregorian Chants. 
I thought the days of me being forced to listen to Gregorian Chants were
over and done with when he left home years ago. (Please don’t tell me to change
the disc / station – it means I’d have to read the manual and I don’t plan on
driving it long enough)
Went to the bank today to do a foreign transfer.  Spent 20 minutes resigning my signature.  My signature does not look like it did 30
years ago when I first opened my account and they would not accept the transaction
unless my signature matched – the fact that I had proof of identity was
apparently not good enough.  I HATE
Son no 4 been home sick all week.  Went to see doc today with him and he seems
to be on the mend.  He WILL be going to
school tomorrow.
I’m sure you are all bored by now but here’s some food for thought ………


8 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. I went shopping once and a stupid store made me resign for my credit card 3 times and then called for the manager because it didnt match my signature on back of credit card. I was so pissed!!

  2. We want you to write another post! Please! 🙂 I just got back from Mexico. Sorry I was out of touch. Back at it and ready to go. Let us know when you want to write for us again. We had a lot of good feedback!

  3. Yo MattWill gladly do another post and I have one in mind. I am current having some R&R in Dubai and back home later this week. I will try to get a post out before the end of the week.Thanks for the privilege once again!And glad to have you back…..

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