It’s Orgasm Time Again!

Need I say more …..

Cadbury Creme Eggs
(Cant think of anything better to do with my tongue!)



13 thoughts on “It’s Orgasm Time Again!

  1. Oh Lanthie, I was in the middle of writing you a comment and it just disappeared suddenly without me even pressing the publish button, so please delete if it appears here because it wasn't finished yet. Now lets see if I can remember what I said:Of course you can say more. You could tell me that you will be sending me a box of those lovely Easter eggs today. You could tell me how you've already made a deal with my local shop keeper, and all I have to do is quote your name and he will hand over dozens of Easter eggs to me. You could tell me so many nice things relating to getting my hands on this NOW. In the meantime, I will look at your pic lustfully. Yum.

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