Monday Ramble

I am going to Dubai on Wednesday – so excited I feel like blogging!  I have got a load of paperwork to  get through before I leave so a little stressed at the moment.  But not an issue as I am going to see Son no 2.  I have not seen him for quite awhile.

So today I received a call from Emirates Airlines – Firstly confirming my booking on the 20th.  And then asking if we wouldn’t mind changing our booking to the 21st!  Huh?  Really – why would I want to do that?  Anyway – apparently the plane is overbooked and they are trying to bump people. They offered me free tickets to go another time as well.  I stopped and thought about it, and then gladly declined.  I am not going to Dubai for very long and we already have a hectic schedule of things to get done there.  So we are taking bets on whether they bump us anyway.

Schedule currently looks like this:

  • Thursday – Relaxing day at the pool
  • Friday – Relaxing day at the Atlantis Water Park / Kids going to a beach party in the afternoon
  • Saturday – Shopping at the Souk (for Belly Dancing gear)
  • Sunday – Simulated Skydiving – Yes you read this right.  I am once again challenging myself to come out of my comfort zone and do something unusual.  I am actually looking forward to it! (Will post pics)
  • Monday – Burj Khalifa – Have made a booking to go all the way to the top!  (Will take pics from the top of the world)
  • Tuesday – We come back home

I am sitting here reading this out to my sons – Son no 1 and his wife are over for dinner tonight.  He has just asked where he can get the ransom money from as I am posting exactly when and where we are going and he is concerned we may be kidnapped!  (PS – ask for South Africa Rands – we have no dollars!)


19 thoughts on “Monday Ramble

  1. Sounds like fun to me and yes son no 1 is right! Whatever you do, have a real enjoyable time as when you come back you don't want any regrets about what you should have done. Have a good glug of wine for me.

  2. That's sounds magical. I just love travelling, and might well have been tempted to take those free tickets!! Guess I'm an easy customer, offer me something free and I'll put up with ur crap :-)Have a great trip!!

  3. Yeah – he is right. But then Dubai is probably the safest country in the world! Got family there who own a business and their partner is the police commissioner – so if kidnapped – they will be hunted down and dealt with….

  4. Hiya Paul. Always nice to get your comments (amongst other things)Yeah – I had to stop and think for a minute about the free tickets, but it would have meant one less day with my son – so hard choice and my son won!

  5. If you go up the Burj you should try to catch the "dancing waterfalls" in the lake just outside it! There is a great cafe in a huge book shop that gives you a wonderful view – and the milkshakes are good!Cheers Stewart M – Melbourne

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