More from Dubai – day 3

Another day in Paradise!

Woke up to a beautiful day – sun was shining and no wind.

We went to the Madinat Souk after breakfast. I was hoping to find a belly dance costume for my debut performance later this year. Spent ages browsing. Managed to find some nice coin belts so I can now make some noise when I jiggle. Eventually found some costumes but they were made for anorexic dancers – I tried one on and lets say that if I wore it, I would have to perform in a strip club – you would definitely get your monies worth! It was good for a laugh anyway. Will now endeavor to find a costume back home.

Went to lunch with family at the hotel which was very pleasant. Always nice to see family you have not seen for ages.

Then went back up to the room to put our swimsuits on and spend the afternoon at the pool. I put a sundress on over my swimsuit (have to watch what you wear here….). While going down in the elevator, I suddenly discovered I had my dress on inside out. Hubby and kids would not let me take it off and put it back on the right way in the elevator. They insisted that no one would notice. So for all those who saw some weird lady walking around the resort today with her dress on inside out – you were not suppose to notice! Managed to slink down to the pool and took it off very quickly. Felt like a right idiot!

Lounged at the pool for a few hours and then went for dinner to a local mall we used to frequent when we lived here. Not really a tourist joint so was nice to be away from the millions of tourists walking around aimlessly.

It is earth hour here tonight so it is almost time to switch off all the lights (or keep your curtains closed). Will be an early night as well for me I think.

Going to iFly tomorrow morning to do some simulated sky diving. I can’t wait. This is something I would not have tried 6 months ago so just goes to show how much I have come out of my shell and challenged myself to try new things. And having the time of my life!

Will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Ciao for now

4 thoughts on “More from Dubai – day 3

  1. Oh my. I've done something similar. Did a presentation to 16 execs and one chap came up to me afterwards, congratulated me on the presentation and informed me that my cardigan was inside out. Embarassing!! Got the business and now when any of them see me they give me a pat on the back for having me clothes on the right way round. Won't live that one down lol.Can't wait to hear how the skydive sim went. Would love to try that.

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