Home Again

So finally back home and will be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Got to the airport early this morning. Spent the obligatory 3 hours roaming about duty free. Eventually gave up on browsing and sat at the boarding gate till our flight was called.

As they called our flight, I once again found myself in tears. I was leaving my son behind again. Don’t know why women are so emotional about this sort of stuff.

The plane was filled with Chinese tourists – made for an interesting flight as non of the stewardesses spoke Mandarin – they did however speak about 20 other languages. After my little emotional outburst, I pretty much sat down and closed my eyes and slept through most of the flight.

Woke up about 3 hours before landing and picked a film to watch – watched Cool Runnings again. What a brilliant film. Have seen it so many times before and it is still funny and entertaining.

So felt much better by the time we landed. It is great to be back on home soil and my mojo is back.

Should be able to get back to blogging from my normal interface tomorrow and hopefully get to read all the recent posts of bloggers on my blog roll. Apologies for not commenting as much as I usually do but Internet connectivity whilst travelling is not ideal. I will catch up within the next few days.

Glad to be back home!

Ciao for now


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