Game of Twister anyone?

I went for my annual mammogram today.  I go once a year as I had a breast lift and augmentation many years ago.    They do a routine check to make sure there are no leaks from my implants and of course the usual cancer screening.

They have a special suite for mammograms at the hospital here – all decked out with comfy lounge suites and special change rooms, fully carpeted and obviously all designed by an interior designer. And they are ever so nice and polite.

The only uncomfortable part of the whole experience is the mammogram itself. The only way I can describe it to the opposite sex, is to get you to picture yourself naked in the middle of a twister game whilst putting your privates in a vice grip and tightening it. Not a pleasant experience at all.

Hopefully this sees the end of my annual tests and I am good for another year.

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