I’m obviously losing it!

My car went in for a service today, which left me without transport all day. As much as I hate not having my car, it was a blessing in disguise as I managed to switch off from everything else and deal with paperwork and emails.

I collected my car late this afternoon. I always find it strange when getting back into my car after it has been to the garage. It just somehow feels different and it smells different. And they somehow always manage to change all your settings.

So I had to go out this evening to take a young man to the airport. I drove out my driveway and suddenly realised that my lights were not on. Now I have been known to drive at night without noticing my lights are not on before. You know that strange moment when it suddenly dawns on you why everyone is flashing their lights at you! (Or maybe it’s just me that this happens to)

Anyway, so I started fiddling – pushing this knob and flicking that lever, only to realise I have no idea where to turn my lights on. I normally have my lights set on AUTO so my lights typically switch on themselves depending on the ambient light outside. (Don’t you just love modern technology)

This meant I had to pull over and switch the interior lights on to see what I was doing. It still took me another few minutes to finally figure it out.

Then I noticed there was a light on my dash which is not normally on – looks like a headlamp light of sorts. So there I sat for another few minutes trying to figure out where this light came from, or maybe it had always been on and I have just never noticed it before. (You know you’re getting old when your memory goes as well). Finally realised it was the headlamp dip light. So switched it off, made some adjustments to my seat and was finally able to get going again.

It’s moments like this when you feel like a right idiot, especially when you have a good looking young man sitting next to you.

Ciao for now


11 thoughts on “I’m obviously losing it!

  1. That nice looking man should have helped you out! Make him feel useful and let him know his way around a car.I'm pretty short so when i get my truck back from repair or inspections, the seat is always pushed way back and i cant touch the pedals. I've even had a mechanic have the nerve to switch my radio stations. Geesh!

  2. LOL! I do things like that all the time. I once took my car to my friend's dad because the lights weren't working. I went in to have a cup of tea while he looked at it, but he came in two minutes later to tell me that I'd just turned them down with a little dial that was on the dash. I didn't even know what that dial was for!

  3. (me secretly smiling) Bet you are a real charmer! But yeah, I can usually get the mechanics to do almost anything for me when I play dumb – especially as I have blond hair as well….

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with technology… when it works, it is awesome… when it doesn't, it is frustrating… lolThank you for your comment on my blog I wrote about Marcia from Menopausal Mother:)

  5. Driving without lights on! You need to write down a list of what you need to do and stick it near to your car ignition. This will help you to do a manual check of everything before you start to drive the car, ha ha ha ha. Old age is creeping in Lanthie. This time next year, you might just stop the car in the middle of the motor-way and ask 'what the hell am I doing here?'. God forbid. I bet that young man was feeling rather scared or concerned at the thought that you couldn't find things and you were about to drive him all the way to the airport. I bet you could have heard his heart beating, ha ha ha.

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