Son no 2’s girlfriend works for Harley Davidson in Dubai.  We were going to go past the shop whilst we were there and get some Harley swag for me, but due to a busy schedule we never got around to it.

So hubby surprised me this morning with a trip to the Harley shop in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Jax TellerNow for those of you who don’t know me very well, I have this secret fetish for Harleys.  Some of my
other fetishes include Johnny Depp and Charlie Hunnam AKA Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy  (My favorite TV series).  I dream of having my own Harley one day and would love to do the annual Sturgis Motocycle Rally or Route 66 on a Harley.

Anyway, we pulled up outside of the shop and there were all these Harley’s parked outside.  I suddenly began to feel a little intimidated by it all and was not quite sure what to expect inside.  Bear in mind I have never actually been on a Harley!

Harley JacketBut once I got inside, I started drooling – I was in Lanthie Heaven!  The shop was extremely busy – with rather hunky guys (Shhhh don’t tell hubby this) all hanging around chatting.  There were Harleys of all colors, shapes and sizes – each one nicer than the other.  Heaven it was!

Anyway, I found the swag and picked up a whole bunch of shirts and blouses and of course I found the leather jackets.  Now I was truly drooling.

I tried a few on and found the perfect one.  Looked at the price and nearly had a heart attack but in the end I thought sod it – you only live once!  If I cant have a Harley, I can have a jacket.


12 thoughts on “Fetishes

  1. Nice jacket by the way and I bet you feel rather feisty when you're wearing it too. I just love Harley bikes and also have a dream to get one before I die, but I can already see who's winning :(Now, you should have sweetened up the son's girlfriend in Dubai and got her to get you a good discount including shipping and that photo would have been you sitting on the bike with your brand new jacket to match, ha ha ha. Maybe next time.

  2. Lol – Shhh but bikes scare the crap out of me as well. Another personal challenge I will have to take on at some point. A brother of a friend of mine has one and I keep getting up the guts to ask him to take me on one, and then I keep chickening out! I will master my fear though!

  3. I love the jacket… my sister is the biker in our family… she rides for most of the year until the winter hits… I never found the love for a bike… I hope you get to own one soon:)

  4. SWEET!!!!! Do you know how jealous i am of cool Harley shirts from Dubai AND Africa? When you come to visit, i need a shirt from both locations please. 🙂 I'll get you plenty here in Dallas plus a nice long ride on our Harley.

  5. Lanthie you look wonderful in that jacket do Route 66 don't let anything stop you Liz husband just did it he hired a Harley in America always wanted to do it and loved it. Love reading your blog

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