Anal what?

With Son no 2 living in Dubai, we hold frequent SKYPE conversations with him.  We have set up a special Skype camera on our TV in the lounge so the whole family is able to talk to him and he can also see us all regardless of where we sit in the lounge.

So last night we were all sitting in the lounge talking to Son no 2.  We were all there – Hubby and myself, Son no 3 & 4, Son no 1 and his wife and Son no 2’s best mate (referred to as T below).

Son no 2’s best mate actually lives with us.  We have a spare cottage on our premises and his mate needed somewhere to stay so we offered it to him.  Besides being school buddies and best mates, they also both work as AV technicians – Son no 2 in Dubai and his mate here in South Africa.

So anyway, we are all chatting away.  The lads are all talking crap as usual – ragging each other etc – the usual male orientated type conversation revolving around boobs, jerking off and the like.  I am chipping in occasionally but multitasking on my iPad more than actually contributing to the conversation.  When all of a sudden I hear the term “Anal Lube“.  So of course my ears prick up  and I start listening in on the conversation.  It goes something like this:

Son no 2: So T, how much anal lube do you guys go through in your company?

T: Hey what?
Me (Silently to myself): Huh?
Son no 2: It’s so F*ing hot here, we go through tons of it
Me (thinking):  Still not seeing the connection here
T: That’s why I will never last over there.  I can’t take the heat
Son no 2: We sweat so much in summer, we have to change our clothes three times day
T: Yo dude, I just couldn’t work there

At this point I couldn’t contain my curiosity any longer, so I asked….

Me: Just hold on a minute and explain what you use the anal lube for (thinking they smeared it on the AV equipment or something like that)
Son no 2: Hemorrhoids!

Apparently the sweat running down you back(side) collects down there and causes all sorts of issues.

You learn something new every day!


14 thoughts on “Anal what?

  1. Hi Akashic – I just couldn't hold my suspense any longer. Ive worked in the events industry for almost 30 years and I have never heard of having to use Anal Lube before – so it was a first for me.

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