Guest Ramblings

Ramblings of a Semi-Mad Man has once again hosted a guest post of mine.  I was thrilled to do a guest post for Matt the first time, and just as thrilled to do it again.  Matt has asked me to be a regular on his blog and I am deeply honored!

As I have just returned from a bit of R and R in Dubai, I thought I would do a post relating to my trip or more appropriately, about letting it all hang loose at the pool.

Hope you enjoy………


11 thoughts on “Guest Ramblings

  1. Such a brilliant post about the swim wear. I just don't want to imagine man or woman in those things, much too painful. In fact I'm clasping my buttocks in despair right now. Ouch! I mean, you have to go hunting to get them off, yuk. You made some good points about the other styles, but what can a man do when he's past it? You're only young for such a short period of time in life 😦

  2. This was a brilliant post and I found myself grinning like a fool throughout as I let my colorful imagination take over. Thanks for the laugh.Kathy

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