Ridiculous Traditions

As you all know I had 4 sons and having 4 sons meant I ended up cooking rather large meals on a daily basis.  One of my shortcomings as a mother is that I have not managed to rear my sons with the ability to cook a meal and hubby is not the sort to get stuck into the kitchen either.

Sure my sons can pour their own cereal and have on occasion been known to make 2 minute noodles or microwave some popcorn, but that is as far as their culinary skills extend.  I must admit that son no 2 has managed to become quite adept to cooking a meal now that he has had to fend for himself in another country.  In fact I heard a nasty rumor the other day that he actually irons his own clothes as well now.

The fact that I am not wild about cooking has meant that I have been known to bitch (alot) about having to cook every night.  So we started a family tradition many years ago whereby Friday nights became take-out nights.  It is the one day that the kids really look forward to.

You can all jest about the fact that my cooking is not great, but I’ll have you know I make the World’s best  Mac and Cheese and find I can bribe my kids into doing anything on the promise of making Mac and Cheese for dinner.

Regardless, take-out night is still the favorite.

Son no 1 got married 3 years ago and Son no 2 moved to Dubai 2 years ago so family diners are not quite as big as they once were.  Although we do have Son no 2’s best mate living with us and he eats for 6 all by himself.  Take-out night now includes him and Son no 1 and his wife when they come for their weekly visit to see us.

So recently we added to the Friday night tradition and we watch a series called Ridiculousness.

In case you are not familiar with this series, it consists of them showing a series of viral video’s from the internet with Rob Drydek hosting the show.  The viral video’s usually consist of some poor soul (usually male) getting hurt and falling off of something or the other.  Men typically being slapped / banged / thumped or kicked in the nuts and of course this raises many a “Ooooh Ouch” from my sons as they cover their own.

So I thought I’d post a few clips from YouTube for you.  Enjoy….

11 thoughts on “Ridiculous Traditions

  1. I never much loved cooking myself but I did learn to make some pretty good dishes over the years… now to teach my youngest which I didn't do for the oldest… πŸ™‚

  2. Mac and Cheese is a necessity! If you can make that, you have it made! My 7 year old son loves Ridiculousness! Me…I am kind of sick of it. I mean how many times can you see a guy jump off a roof and land on his ass?

  3. LOL! My family started a tradition when I was about eleven where each night we took turns cooking, even the kids. I think at eleven the extent of my culinary skill was packet mix beef stew, but it did mean that by the time we left home my brother and I could both cook.

  4. Am I the only guy that absolutely loves to cook. Of course, being in a relationship with a caterer means I'm certainly not the king of the kitchen by any means and trying to cook without the "professional" giving her 2 cents worth is impossible. I'll thank the folks for that skill thanks (cooking, not dating a caterer lol).

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