Lesbian’s Sex Tape

I have a whiteboard on the wall in my kitchen and my family knows that if they want something from the store, they need to write it on the board.  Otherwise I don’t buy it.  I have explained to them on numerous occasions that I don’t have time to inspect the cupboards before I go shopping to make a list of what we need.

Don’t just tell me you’ve run out of toothpaste or shampoo and can I buy some next time I go shopping.  I won’t remember!  Write it on the board.  Then when I go shopping, I take a pic of the board with my phone and Voila!  I have an instant shopping list.

So my 15 years old son has gotten into the habit of making notes on the board – sometimes he writes a random poem and sometimes he makes a wish list, and sometimes he tries his luck with something like the note below.  So I thought I would start putting these on my blog.

Shhhh – Don’t tell him else he’ll stop.

This is his latest message…..


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