Should I Let My Son Get A Tattoo?

Son no 3 turns 16 next month and he wants a tattoo.  Hubby is cool with it.  I’ve said he can have one only if it says “I love my Mum” somewhere on it.  After much deliberation, I have agreed to go with the majority vote on my blog.

So come on fellow bloggers, please vote – it will only take a few seconds.  No pressure to side with me on this one…..

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only if it says I LOVE MY MUM

Let me know what you think – comments welcome!


10 thoughts on “Should I Let My Son Get A Tattoo?

  1. I may sound like a hypocrite here because i have 3 tattoos with 2 more in design right now. My feeling is that at 16, they will change their mind on what is important to them. They are permanent and you need to be exactly sure of what tattoo to have. My little brother got a wizard on his arm and it was big when he was 17. We didnt even know he liked wizards and he just got it for the moment because it was cool. he eventually had it turned into a huge cross. I wouldnt let him. Just my thoughts.

  2. I would say No because tattoos are permanent and many people change their minds from year to year as to what they like and dislike plus he is still quite young. There also may be an issue if he then wants it to be completely removed although I'm not sure whether they just black out the original or what nowadays. :(And with all that, he might blame you when he gets older for allowing him to do it. Let him chose when he's older.Lanthie, my first half- written comment just disappeared, so if it appears please delete it – thanks.

  3. I say yes, as long as it is not some gigantic, obnoxious thing. Both my daughters had tattoos and some body piercings at 16. It's their way of being able to express themselves–it doesn't mean they are going to turn into bad kids or hang out with a rough bunch. My girls were incredible ladies, even at 16 and to this day they continue to make me proud with the mature choices that are making in their lives. I say let your son do it.

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