Why Do Women Torture Themselves

I bought a new pair of boots last week.  I usually struggle to find just the right pair of shoes.  I am partial to high heals, but I hate the thin stiletto type heels.  I like a nice solid heel but it musn’t be wedges or platforms either (I’m not fussy am I?).

Anyway, I am always on the look out for new shoes.  Just so you know, shoes are not a big thing for me.  I own about 10 pairs including slippers.  But never-the-less I am always looking for just the right pair of shoes with the right heel.

So I managed to find a pair of boots the other day – the sort that come to just above the ankle.  They were slightly higher than I am used to but they had the right heel.  So I bought them.

Hubby and I went shopping on Saturday morning and I insisted on wearing my new boots – I need to wear them in so I can wear them more often in the coming cold months.

So I put them on and stood up…………..and nearly fell flat on my face.  My whole center of gravity was off.

This didn’t put me off wearing them though and I insisted on going shopping in them.

I got in the car.  I usually drive, so it took me awhile to get used to driving with them.  Then I tried to get out of my car – a 4×4 so I have to climb down to get out (I drive a Prado) and almost fell flat on my face again.  I found myself walking around the shops very self conscious and felt like I was walking on my toes.

Hubby thought I was hysterical.  He just doesn’t get why I would want to wear them.  I’m not even going to bother trying to explain it – if he doesn’t know enough about women after 25 years of marriage, then there is no hope for him.


13 thoughts on “Why Do Women Torture Themselves

  1. So, explain it to me then. You can't walk in them, they repeatedly try and spill you onto the pavement, and all this after 25 years of practice. Am I missing the upside to all this?

  2. DaleYou have just made my point – Men don't get it!A few more years practice and I 'm sure I'll be able to master walking in them. You should know me by now – I love a challenge!

  3. The best thing to do for your husband to understand is get him to wear high heels for a day around the house and he might have a little more sympathy, ha ha ha. These days all women shoes seem to be like skyscrapers. Just make sure you carry a First Aid kit with you when you've got them on because the higher you stand the higher the fall, and it's a long way down, ha ha hah. Funny post Lanthie.

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