Messages on a Board – Poi

I told you about the messages my son leaves on my board in the kitchen a few days ago.  He wrote a new meassge today so I thought I would share.  This one has a bit of a story.

My son has suddenly discovered POI.  Now I had no idea what this was until a couple of days ago. Apparently there is a kid at school who does it and my son now wants to go for lessons blah blah blah.  Needless to say, he has started twirling any and everything he can find in the house.  Not only does he want to do Poi (hope I’ve used the term correctly), but he wants to do “Fire Poi”.

So he is now trying to talk me into a) paying for the lessons and b) buying his POI “gear”. 

My son sent me a few YouTube clips as part of his sales pitch and of course mentioned that clip no 3 shows how I can go for lessons as well and use it with my Belly Dancing.  (Yeah….maybe not!). 

Feel free to view the clips below.


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