Home Again!

I am back home in a sunny Johannesburg.

The rest of my trip to Botswana was very pleasant. I went out for a light dinner with my client on Friday night and we spent hours talking.  Always nice to just sit and chat.

I manged to have a lay in yesterday morning.  It is not often I get the privilege so had a lazy morning.  We then went to see the site where the Toyota 1000 Desert Race is usually held.  The race currently starts in a town called Kumakwane (population 3,100) – yeah, not much more I can tell you about this little town.

I am sure the pic just looks like a huge piece of open land / bush to you, but to me it was amazing.  All of a sudden I could picture the event in action.  It is always hard to imagine that  you can take this and turn it into something that entertains some 30,000 people.   But that’s what we do best in the events industry.

I would like to blog some more about this event as it intrigues me.   Motor Sports is one of the few sporting events that I actually like.  Not to mention the fact that they race bikes as well and you all know how I feel about motorbikes – even if they are not Harley’s!

We caught the late afternoon flight back home and I got home to an empty house with only son no 4 at home.  Hubby was working late at the stadium as they had a Metallica concert on and Son no 3 went to the concert along with T2 (friend of son no 2 who lives with us).  Hubby managed to arrange suite tickets for them and a few friends.

Hubby got home around 11pm and we were asleep in no time after that.  Only to be woken up at around 2.30am by the alarm going off when Son no 3 set it off sneaking back into the house.  (No, he wasn’t pissed!).  The concert finished around midnight and then they had to battle though traffic and take the young lasses home that accompanied them.

I woke at just after 7am this morning – again this is very unusual for me.  I also slept like a log.  Seems like a night away from home is a great stress relief (Shhh don’t tell hubby).

Got to go shopping for some basic Belly Dance gear this morning.  I am supposed to be taking part in the beginners group on World Belly Dance Day on the 11th May and need something to wear.  This is the first time I will be performing in public and can feel the butterflies starting to swarm in my stomach.

Hope you’re all having a good weekend.


9 thoughts on “Home Again!

  1. Yeah – not so sure about the pics just yet. Will take some and IF there are nice ones, I'll post some.Sleep – I think we could all do with more sleep and associated activities 😉

  2. I'm glad you had the little trip away from home—it helps clear the mind. I am DYING to see the belly dancing gear–you've GOT to post pictures of it once you get it—and how about some pictures of the performance??

  3. Great country Botswana. The people's attitudes is what really stood out for me the few times I've visited. Love it.World Belly Dance Day?? I'll have to don my gear and shake it like a polaroid picture lol.

  4. Hey there PaulI would like to go back to Botswana and see some more of it – hopefully I will have the opportunity again soon.Re the polaroid picture – yeah, don't think anyone is cominhg near me with a camera just yet!

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