My Mr Bean Moment

I may have mentioned in passing over the last few weeks that Son no 3 does Drama at school.  He is currently in Grade 10.  They have recently had to perform in 1 act plays for their exams and his play, Sidetracked was elected to go through to FEDA – The Festival of Excellence in Dramatic Arts.  This is where a number of schools all partake and the best plays from each school are selected to perform in the festival.

Anyway, my sons play went through to the semi-finals and I had the honor of attending the show last night.   The show took place at the JOBURG theatre in the middle of Johannesburg.  Getting there during peak hour traffic was a little bit of a challenge but I managed to get there in time by leaving home really early.
I dragged my daughter in law and son no 4 with for company.  The show started at 6pm and as it was a school night, I assumed we would be out by 8 or 8.30pm at the latest.
By 8pm, we were not even half way through. There were 6 plays last night,  my son was in the first.  I don’t know if you all have the same thoughts but as a parent, you really want to go along to all the school functions and see your kid performing, but you really don’t want to sit through the rest.   I was tempted to leave straight after his performance but we had to wait until the end to find out if his play was going through to the finals.
So there we sat until 11.30 last night. Five and a half FRIGGING hours!  Really!  I just wanted to scream……..  Not to mention that my bum felt like a brick after the third hour.

There was a brief intermission.  Got up to stretch my legs and go to the loo.  My daughter-in-law went with me and I ended up having a bit of a Mr Bean moment!  After I had my little tinkle, I went to the basin to wash my hands.  I opened the tap, not realizing the water pressure would be so good.  So WHOOSH!   I wet the front of my blouse and skirt.  This had us both in stitches.

Now I don’t want to pretend I had an awful time and I sat through 6 boring amateur performances.  The performances were BRILLIANT – every single one of them.  There was nothing amateurish about them and you would never have said these were performed by school children who are not even in a main line drama education facility.  They take drama as a subject, one of many.

If it wasn’t for the fact the the evening was Faaaar tooooo loooong, it would have been an thoroughly enjoyable evening.  I managed to take some pics – nothing too spectacular as all I had with me was my iPhone. (My son is the one holding the girl and the one sitting in the front right on the chairs)


22 thoughts on “My Mr Bean Moment

  1. I am positive that there is little that I would like to do for 5 and half hours or more… wow.Congratulations to you son, that is awesome:)

  2. I loved theatre and Drama when i was in high school. Such a sweet mom to stay for the whole thing. You remind me of myself with the Mr Bean moment. Every week something like that happens and my honey just shakes his head.

  3. There is little more embarrassing than the sink splash at a public bathroom. I've been in situations where I am certain the bloke who installed the sink and adjusted the settings had a major trouser tidal wave in mind, likely his final act before quitting and becoming a serial killer or politician.

  4. I was also wondering if he made it through to the finals! But even if he didn't, it's quite an honor to have made it to the semi's!My Mr. Bean moments, unfortunately, tend to much more closely resemble how Bean handles things. One little screw up, compounded by a dozen or so ill-advised attempts at correcting the original mistake.

  5. That sounds to be a painfully long time to sit, no matter how good the acting. As for you splashing yourself in the loo, that's something I've done – usually when wearing grey trousers that makes me look like I've been incontinent.

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