All that glitters

I took up Belly Dancing earlier this year – another one of my personal challenges.  We are now starting to get ready for our first showcase in early August.  Rehearsals are well on their way already and we were told to start thinking about what costumes to wear.

Usually the costumes are coordinated on a group basis, but the “beginners” are allowed to wear a costume of their choosing.  Our instructor has asked us to not spend a lot of money on our costume as it is a once off that we will be wearing it.

So I have spent the weekend at the local China mall here and managed to find bits and pieces that will do just fine as my costume (I hope).

I must admit it is a little bit of challenge imaging that I will have to wear this in public – and on a stage. I thought I would give you a glimpse of it.  Will show the finished product off when it’s show time.

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