Cops and Robbers

I have had one of those episodes again where I wonder why I live where I do.  And yeah I  know I will get all sorts of comments from you all as well – please go easy on me – I love my home!

Hubby is in hospital at the moment as he had an operation on Monday.  So I am alone at home with my 2 sons.  No big deal as I’m a big girl, mother of 4 boys and that sort of thing and I don’t scare easily.

Anyway, I was in bed last night at around 10.30 when the gate buzzer rings.  Very unusual for this time of night.  So I jump out of bed – now I am half naked so I have to think about this – do I get dressed first or do I just put my gown on.  So I opt for the gown – Doubt I am actually going to see anyone as I am not expecting guests so I will tell whoever it is to be on their merry way very quickly.

By now, whoever it is, is pressing the gate buzzer non stop and just irritating the hell out of me.  So I get to the front door and answer the intercom system while looking at our camera system.  All I can see on the camera system is loads of flashing lights.  I ask who it is and they say it is the Police and can I please open up.

Ahem….  What now!

So I unlock Fort Knox and do a visual check to make sure it is the Police and then let them onto the property.

I am greeted by about 12 fully armed cops – in full gear with big guns (I’m not the gun sort so all I can tell you about them is that they are big – about arms length – look very dangerous type of thing).  They explain to me that there was a break-in at a property 2 roads down and they are in pursuit of a suspect.  They have wounded the suspect so he could not have gone very far and they would like to check my property to make sure he isn’t hiding out anywhere.

By now I’m feeling a little self conscious standing there in my gown and not much else in front of all these men.  I start assembling the various keys required to unlock the various gates around my property so they can get into all the areas.

Kids of course are still fast asleep – nothing seems to wake them.

About 10 minutes later they finish having a look and I let them out and lock up again.  I attempt to go back to bed.  But of course I am now feeling a little vulnerable.  I decide to lock the security gate we have down our passage which blocks the bedroom area from the rest of the house.  Then back off to bed.

About 45 minutes later, as I am just nodding off, the gate buzzer rings again.

So I repeat the procedure from earlier on, except now I have to unlock the passage gate as well.  This takes me an extra few minutes and by the time I get to the front door, whoever it was has given up and I can just see lights moving back up my drive-way.  Grrrrr.

Locked everything back up and went back to bed with the intention of being in the land of nod within 5 minutes.  Easier said than done……  I got back to bed but doubt I slept more than 2 hours throughout the night.

Spent the day in a fowl mood snarling at everyone.

Hope they caught whoever they were looking for.  Hate to think he is still out there somewhere hiding!

13 thoughts on “Cops and Robbers

  1. Wow Lanthie… that is scary… I an not sure I could have slept and I would have been in a foul mood too… I hope you get some sleep tonight:)

  2. Oh Lanthie, as I read along I thought you was going to say that after you told the police your husband was in hospital (since they were looking for a wounded man) that everyone was going to be arrested including him. So glad nothing went wrong there. I wonder who the second person was that rang your buzzer?I'm sure you live in a beautiful place but I couldn't manage having to lock up so many things each night, and I'd feel insecure thinking how I would get out quick enough should a fire etc happen whilst I thumbled around looking for keys. I hope that your husband has made a full recovery and all is well. Stay safe Lanthie, but I'm sure I don't need to tell you that.

  3. I, like you, am always in a terrible mood after not getting enough sleep. People know to leave me alone after those nights. I doubt I would have slept at all after all that commotion!!!

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