Being a parent is hard work and I am sure all of you will agree.   It is so nice to be able to reflect on your hard work as a parent occasionally when your children do something to make you proud, or even bring a smile to your face.

My sons have all developed a great sense of humor over the years and it is nice to see them expressing this on occasion.  I get on really well with all my sons and I am so glad we find the humor in communicating and it goes a long way to opening the lines of communication between us.

Last week son no 3 arranged for me to fetch him at 11am from school.  He happened to finish early and sent me a text message to collect him at around 10.30.  As I was in a meeting, I could not leave immediately and he had to wait until I finished.  I thought I would send you a copy of our text conversation as follows: (ignore the fact that he can’t spell!)

Close up of the pic in case you can’t see it properly:

Gotta love em!

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