Red Shoes (and nails)!

So I did a post last week about some new shoes I bought (Lady in Red).  Yeah – they are kinda sexy.  And I am quite amazed at the comments I have been receiving about them from predominantly the male species.


There are certain words men typically don’t use, and one of them is “delicious“.  Well I can tell you I have heard this word to describe my shoes umpteen times in the last week.  Who knew shoes could be termed as delicious!  Or that men even looked at shoes.    (Not quite what I had in mind when I bought them.)

Anyway, I had to have my nails done and of course I thought I would play with the RED.  I usually stick with a traditional French manicure but I thought I’d be a little more daring this time.

Now I need to buy a new outfit to bring it all together…….

13 thoughts on “Red Shoes (and nails)!

  1. Little black pencil dress! Hot Hot Hot! I have red shoes like that – definitely "fuck me" shoes. Apparently red indicates that sentiment for some reason – passion maybe. When I bought my red car I was told so many times that "It wasn't a surprise that I had a red car." What the hell was that supposed to mean?! Cheers! Brandy's Bustlings

  2. Love the shoes, love the nails. Over hear, we call those "Fuck Me Pumps!" They are Delicious! The final piece to bring it all together – Black lingerie with black fishnets and garters. Black and red, you can't go wrong there. Have a great weekend Lanthie!

  3. Fuck me shoes. Fuck me pumps. Bang me boots. They all look hot. With those heels, nails, and dress I think you might give your kids a heart attack if they see you out with them!

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