Vajazzling your Vajazzle!

I did a post back in September 2012 about Vajazzling called Vaj What?  (Click here to read it)   Now back then it was all rather new to me and I couldn’t see the fascination with “bejewelling” your privates with Swarovsky crystals.

I mean why would you want to have scratchy crystals adorning your nether regions.  And for what purpose?  Would that someone special really want them interfering with what he or she has in mind for down there.  Imagine trying to kiss a bunch of crystals – Awkward!   Not to mention that they may get a mouthful.  And I cant imagine the glue tastes any good either.

But the other day I went for my monthly facial and my beauty therapist handed me a card introducing their new service – Vajazzling!  She was rather shocked when I stopped her and said I know exactly what it is and I’ve blogged about it before.

But as I walked out I found myself strangely curious – perhaps I should try it out – just once!

Jennifer Love Hewitt apparently coined the term Vajazzling and I managed to find the Conan interview with her – it is very entertaining so enjoy…..

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