2D or not 2D

The family and I like to see the occasional film at the cinema’s.  Especially the big block busters.  Last weekend we thought we would go and see the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie.  We usually like to see the early morning show on a Sunday.  We typically have the cinema pretty much to ourselves and we don’t have to deal with screaming brats and inconsiderate people using their cellphones.

We do however have one provisio, and as a family we have all agreed on this, and that is that we refuse to see a movie in 3D.  I just cannot understand the attraction to 3D.  Firstly it is more expensive.  Secondly you have to sit there like a dork wearing ill fitting 3D glasses.  Thirdly it adds nothing to the film itself.  My mind boggles at the fact that 3D has become so popular.

You can now even buy 3D televisions – I have one.  Never used the 3D function on it and never will.

So last week I went online to book tickets for Star Trek Into Darkness, to find that only the 3D
version is available.  The 2D version is only shown occasionally and usually at odd times. As a result, we didn’t go to the cinema.  The resulting factor in all this is that we will download it down the line and watch it on TV.

We would love to see Man of Steel next weekend but I can foresee that only the 3D version will be available as well.

How do you a feel about 3D?  Or am I just getting old!

5 thoughts on “2D or not 2D

  1. 3D, 4D, HD, it just all flies over my head Lanthie. I can't remember the last time I was at the cinema, and I certainly don't fancy wearing big clumpy glasses just to enjoy a film. I think I'll patiently wait until the film comes out on DVD then I can sit in the comfort of my own home with a chinese meal, and gallons of wine all nice and relaxed.

  2. 3D sucks. Most of the time it is poorly done and adds nothing to the movie. It's a waste of time and money. It's just a fad and a way to charge more for movies. A money grab for sure. I also won't go see 3D movies. Star Trek in 2D was just fine and pretty good.

  3. Unlike you and Phil, I usually enjoy 3D movies. If they're action packed, they're my preference. I loved seeing the newest Star Trek, too. Of course, that may be because I have a crush on "Bones" McCoy. 😉

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