We know it’s hard but try to keep excitement levels down!

I hate shopping with my sons – especially for clothes.  I had the rare pleasure on Friday as it was Son no 4’s birthday and he turned 13.  New clothes was on his birthday wish list (Yeah – strange kid, my other sons only ever had gadgets on their lists).

Anyway, I went traipsing around Sandton City Shopping Centre with him looking for new jeans. Son no 4 is not easily impressed and shopping for a pair of jeans is hardly a task he enjoys.  So I gave him his space and followed him into various stores while he pulled his face up at various different styles – he didn’t want Blue jeans, he wants Black ones (whatever that means)!

We finally found a pair he vaguely liked – so I sent him off to the fitting rooms to try them on.  I followed him in and asked for him to please pop out of the change room so I could double check the fitting.

Upon entering the fitting rooms – I was quite surprised to find that they were huge – and there was something original about them.   They had labelled each door with a quote of sorts.  I took a few pics to show you all.  I just love it when stores have a sense of humor and a little originality.

What happens in here, stays in here

This is not a door, it’s a gateway to hot looks

Don’t forget to pout

No photo’s without your agent present

Behind door no 3 …. nothing but good looks

You, this door, our clothes … anything can happen

Get in here quick, everybody’s doing it

We know it’s hard but try keep excitement levels down

We think you’re “so hot right now”
Way better than a phone booth … just ask superman

(The store in question was Mr Price at Sandton City Shopping Centre)


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