Finding My Inner Goddess – In Sequins!

It is less than a month away till my Belly Dance debut.  I am performing for the very first time on stage.  And I’m scared shitless!

I started Belly Dancing in February this year as a personal challenge.  I must stress the point that I have never danced in my life and I have 2 left feet.  I also work in the events industry and I am very much a behind the scenes kinda person.  I don’t like being in the spotlight.  Belly Dancing has helped me find my Inner Goddess and helped me face many personal challenges – getting up on stage in front of hundreds of people being one of them.  Not to mention that I will be wearing next to nothing!

Belly Dancing

My costume is ready for final fitting and we have our one and only dress rehearsal on Sunday.  I have been stressing all week and eating myself to death – hope my costume still fits by then!

Bought some kitsch earrings to go with my costume.

Kitsch Earrings

Going to look for some more accessories tomorrow. Having hair done early Sunday morning, then dress rehearsal Sunday afternoon.

May need a few shots of Whiskey on Sunday!

We were informed today that the show is sold out, and they have decided to put on a second show. So I now have 2 opportunities to make an absolute fool of myself (be still my beating heart).

Belly Dance - Dancing Divinity

11 thoughts on “Finding My Inner Goddess – In Sequins!

  1. All the best for your debut Lanthie, swing those hips and shake that bod, but please take it easy on the whiskey otherwise you might be doing much more than belly dancing in front of a packed audience ha ha ha. Love the dangly earrings mate.

  2. Thanks Phil – Think I should probably vet the video before posting it. But hey – if I'm going to do it in front of a theatre full of people, I may as well put it out there for all and sundry to see as well.

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