I’m A Gadget Freak

I am quite a gadget freak.  Working in the IT industry, I get exposed to quite a bit of new technology on a regular basis and I am always trying out new things.

I don’t often blog about new Tech or Gadgets but today I have to make an exception.  I been eyeing out a range of Bluetooth Speakers in our local gadget emporium and I decided to splash out and buy one of them today.

The salesman told me that the ShoXspin speaker would integrate seamlessly with my iPhone and not only would it play music, I could also have hands free conversations over it as it has a built in microphone.  Yeah yeah I thought – I’ve been conned before. (Lanthie rule # 6 – never believe anything a salesman says)

I got home and unpacked it.  Read the 2 page booklet to see how to pair it with my iPhone. I was pleasantly surprised when it paired first time.

I then selected some music and played it through the speaker and was amazed at the quality of the sound.  I was totally blown away when I made a phone call and had a conversation over it with a good friend of mine.

So it definitely has a thumbs up from me.

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