Can Your Friend Come Play As Well?

I was thinking about the various fantasies that women have the other day and which ones are common to both men and women.  I don’t know about all you ladies out there but have you seen the look on a man’s face when you mention the term “Threesome“.  It almost looks like their brains go into overdrive mode.

I must admit I don’t really have much experience in this field but it is definitely one of my top 5 fantasies.  Turning your fantasy into reality could be a little complicated though.  I am not quite sure how one bring’s up the possibility of a threesome with your significant other – do you just casually say “Can Your Friend Come Play As Well?

Now I know most guys would probably be interested in the female / female / male (FFM) version of a threesome.  The guys I have spoken to about threesome’s have all pulled their faces up at the thought of the male / male / female (MMF) version.  Apparently the thought of 2 naked guys touching creeps them out – especially when their “junk” is involved.

For me personally – I am not fussy.  I am more than happy to fantasize about either.

Imagine being seduced by 2 guys at once.  Men are naturally competitive – and just think about them both bringing their A game and competing to see who can give you the most pleasure.  I must admit I could easily succumb to the thought of a MMF threesome with a number of guys I know.

Although I have often imagined a FFM threesome, I have no girl on girl experience.  But that is not to
say the thought has not crossed my mind (okay – maybe I have said too much here).

Anyway……  Just picturing this scenario – do I choose a close girlfriend and then the two of us pick a guy to partake?  Or do me and my guy pick a girl we both like?  And how do we go about picking said girl?  I would not be able to pick anyone I know – certainly don’t want any of my friends coming anywhere near my guy.  I would not approve of any of the girls he knows either – would make me extremely jealous of what would / could possibly result down the line with them or what has transpired between them in the past. So that leaves a stranger.  Where do you find a girl willing to partake who doesn’t know either of you?  Do you ask around and go on word of mouth from other’s or do you start looking in the back page of the newspaper in the XXX column?  (And let’s not forget she has to be less attractive than I am.)

I managed to find some threesome tips and etiquette and thought I’d share them with you:

Threesome Etiquette

  • Make each other feel comfortable (Set the mood and be accommodating)
  • Let the women initiate the first step
  • Make sure transitions between each other flow
  • Don’t favor one over the other
  • Take turns
  • Don’t constantly try to please both at the same time (There is another person to help)
  • Masturbate if you feel like it
  • Don’t force women (or guys) to do anything with each other
  • Be into everything they suggest
  • Respect each other’s boundaries
  • End it smoothly (Don’t act weird)
  • and most importantly – USE PROTECTION!

How about sharing some of your experiences here if you have any!

Lanthie Ransom

6 thoughts on “Can Your Friend Come Play As Well?

  1. This should be interesting if more people comment. Did this a few times – girl/girl/guy. One was a mother/daughter. Boy, that was fun, and mom out-performed her daughter! Oh, the memories.

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