Cause it would be really cool!

I have recently thought about getting a belly ring.  The concept is that it would be really cool to have one when belly dancing.

So with my mind pretty much made up, I thought I would mention it to my sons this morning in the car on the way to school – not that I need their permission or anything but it usually gets some or other vocal reaction when I mention these sorts of things to them.

Anyway, I duly mention it and I hear this loud NO from Son no 3 in the backseat.  What? I say.  He repeats the loud NO (sternly).

So I say: What do you mean by NO!

Son no 3 says:  NO, I’m not putting up with this anymore.

I say: What do you mean you’re not putting up with this anymore?  I’m confused as to what you are putting up with.

Son no 3 says:  I just can’t put up with this Shit anymore.  You’re just weird!

So that had me in stitches with laughter!

I then looked at Son no 4 in the front seat and said:  So you have nothing to say?

Son no 4, who is the brainiac in the family, head boy at school, cricket and hockey captain and well just an all round genius says:  (silence)

He just grinned and looked away.  So I said:  Aw come on, you must have something to say.

He replies:  No comment!

Suppose that is tacit approval.  Will be looking around for a suitable parlour this week!

6 thoughts on “Cause it would be really cool!

  1. Do it! Do it! I bought a belly ring a few years ago with every intent to get pierced. Unfortuantely i got fat in the last few years and the belly ring would get lost. Its harley davidson and i should send it to you! I am soooo proud of you doing the belly dancing and stepping outside your comfort zone.

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