I’ve been married a frigging long time

It was my 26th Wedding Anniversary yesterday.  So before I go any further, let me just wish dear Hubby a Happy Anniversary publicly (I wished him in private already wink wink )

I went to the card store a few days ago and asked the lady for a “I’ve been married a frigging long time” card.  She thought I was very funny.

I got a gift voucher for a “Tantric Massage” with a therapist who is not based to far from where we live.  I did blog about this a few weeks ago and must admit I am slightly curious.  Feeling a little cowardly about it at the moment but I am sure I will pluck up the courage to see what it is all about.  Hopefully it will be a blogging moment.

Last year Hubby gave me 25 flower bouquets – one delivered on a Friday every 2 weeks.  Hubby is not very romantic and I was blown away by the gift.  I received my last bouquet on Friday and will miss getting them this year.  I thought I would share them with you.  Each one beautiful and original.

They are beautiful!

Lanthie Ransom

11 thoughts on “I’ve been married a frigging long time

  1. Lanthie, a massive big CONGRATULATIONS to both you and your husband. 26 years is a big achievement and landmark. I just love to see marriages last so long especially in this day and age. Any tips on how to have a successful marriage?

    What a fantastic idea about getting the flowers every 2 weeks for the 25th and they are all so different. That's every woman's dream, so your husband nailed it mate, and he's managed to put some men under serious heavy pressure. Thumbs up mate.

  2. Happy 26th! That is so awesome! Todd and I will be 71 when we celebrate our 26th. The white tulips in a bowl was stunning! Such a gorgeous variety and so pretty. Is that you in your blog cover with the red heels? 🙂

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