Hello from Dubai

Good morning from Dubai.  Arrived at 5am this morning and was greeted by 32 degrees C and a light morning breeze.  Hubby and I are in Dubai to visit our son who we haven’t seen for awhile.
We left Johannesburg last night at 7.15.  I was quite happy to sit back and sleep but hubby convinced me to have the obligatory meal.  I’m not fond of airplane food but thought what the hell.  The flight attendant eventually came around.  We had a choice of chicken or beef (no surprises there).  She asked what I wanted and I said surprise me!  She didn’t quite understand what I was saying and had to repeat myself 3 times.  She still didn’t get it (speaks 8 languages except humorous) so I opted for the beef – only to be told the beef is finished!  So not quite sure why she asked what I wanted in the first place.
Watched a girlie movie and went to sleep.  Was woken for breakfast – I can usually tolerate a dead croissant and a cup of tea.  
Being in Dubai is like being home again.  We lived here a few years ago so it is all too familiar.  And things just work here.  And I don’t need to worry about my phone being stolen (haha).
Anyway, we arrived at the hotel at about 6am.  Our room is not ready yet so I am currently sitting in the club lounge waiting for my son and his girlfriend to arrive and join us for breakfast.  Pics below are from the balcony – amazing view.
I will be blogging daily while here and letting you know what I get up to over the next few days.
Ciao for now,


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