Some autumnal evening…

Hello again, Dale from Diary of an Internet Nobody here.

I have had many comments in the past from Lanthie about the pictures I’ve posted of our local countryside in Devon, so I thought I’d preview the latest in my series of Picture this… photo-blogs, featuring some shots taken on a recent autumn stroll.

Because I’m on holiday from work and we have Roo (a sweet-natured collie bitch we are looking after for a few weeks) to take for walks, I’ve had the chance to get out toward dusk when I’m usually working, and get some photos of the countryside in the distinctive light we only get on these early autumn evenings.

Oh, and I might have slipped in the odd one or two of The Bridge (a favourite photographic subject of mine that my readers will have seen before)

The river Taw was at high tide when I was wandering the banks yesterday, as the sun began its descent to the horizon.

Roo and I walked down the river bank in the park, heading for the old iron bridge.

The storm drains were running fast from the recent rain..

..and the tidal river had risen almost to its limit.

Steps up from the riverside take you to a junction, with a shady tunnel of trees in one direction..

…and in the other, the old railway bridge, now carrying only pedestrians and cyclists.

Reaching the far side of the river, we turn sharply and pass back under the old iron trestle we just crossed.   

On the far bank, the landscape is more open and natural, with rolling fields, the still surface of a stream reflecting the sky, and the science fiction forms of the copper hued teasel heads…

…and we were just in time to catch the spectacular sunset as it sank behind the hills with a fiery flourish.
           Hope you all have a great autumn.
All the best,

8 thoughts on “Some autumnal evening…

  1. Such wonderful photos Dale. I really liked the very first one with the sun just about to go down and the storm drain. The tunnel of trees is also great for a summer stroll and picnic but I'd feel a little closed in during the dark hours though.
    Autumn really is a lovely time of the year but I'm not looking forward to the freezing British winter that's about to follow it. Have a great weekend mate.

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