Rub Me Some More

In case you are wondering about the title – it is very apt for this post.  It is my daughter-in-laws’s birthday tomorrow so I thought I would treat her (and me) to a day at the Spa today.  A girls day out! Yes, it was a selfish gift.  An excuse I needed to have a day of pampering and being rubbed from head to toe.

I made a booking for us to go to the Mangwanani African Day spa which is about an hours drive from Johannesburg.  We usually catch the bus as it adds to the enjoyment for the day (and also means I can have a couple of drinks during the day without worrying about driving).

Anyway, I collected my Daughter at 6.30 this morning and arrived at Montecasino at around 7 – the bus leaves from there at around 7.30.  We are welcomed with champagne and orange juice.

Bus waiting for us all to arrive

Upon arrival at Mangwanani, we are met by the therapists welcoming us with a drumming song.

Welcoming committee

We are then shown into the breakfast room where we are seated at specific tables for the day.  We need to remember our table number as our treatments are all linked to this number for the day.

Breakfast consisted with more champagne and orange juice, a yogurt and muesli cup, muffins and tea.

After breakfast we are asked to change into our swimsuits and a gown and slippers which they supply.  We then wait outside on one of the sun loungers for our table number to be called and they show us to our relevant treatment area.  In between treatments, we are offered a beverage.

Our first treatment was the Jacuzzi.  We were the only ones allocated to the Jacuzzi so we sat for almost an hour sipping wine (yeah I know 9.30am is probably slightly early for a glass of wine but I wont tell anyone if you dont).

After the Jacuzzi we had our faces painted and then went for a hand and arm treatment.

After the hand and arm treatment, it was off to another area to have our head and shoulder massage. They use special oils for the massage so by the time they are finished, your nicely done hair is full of oil and other stuff.(yuk!)  We sat overlooking the river – absolutely stunning views

Then it was off to one of the private cabins for a full body massage with hot rocks.

Then it was lunch time.  Lunch consisted of a chicken wrap with salad and loads of deserts.  I was stuffed by then but forced myself to have a little ice-cream.

After lunch we were treated to some more singing and dancing by the therapists.

Then we went for a foot massage.

And after the foot massage we were transported via golf carts to another area for our facials and full body scrub.

At the end of the day, we put our clothes back on and joined everyone for a shot of Amarula Cream and a chocolate while waiting for the buses to fetch us again to take us back to Johannesburg.

I have added a few more pictures below hoping you are not bored by my sheer indulgence for the day.

One of the Hand Treatment areas

Foot Treatment Area

Communal area

Communal area where we relax between each treatment

Entrance to the Spa

Yes, we are in Africa!  The buck roam freely.

And loads of Monkeys

View from the bus on the way home.

I had really great day with my Daughter-in-law.  We had some great bonding time and got back home feeling very relaxed (and sore from all the massaging).

If you ever find yourselves in this part of the world – you must spend a day at the Mangwanani African Day Spa.  It is an experience of a life time and you will not regret it.

Lanthie Ransom

7 thoughts on “Rub Me Some More

  1. Tell her “Happy Belated Birthday” from me! After seeing those pics, I am adding that spa to my bucket list! Looks divine! My goal is to make it to AFrica in the next couple of years

  2. Happy Birthday to the Daughter in Law, and it seems like you both had a wonderful time together. It's nice to see a spa out in the open like that amongst nature. All that fresh air does a world of good. Just don't get too involved with those wild animals.

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