I’m Such a Brave Girl

I bought a 4×4 vehicle 3 years ago.  It is a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado top the range VX model.  Now I didn’t buy it to specifically go 4×4’ing – I bought it because I thought it was an awesome vehicle – I mean why else would you buy a vehicle.  I liked the inside – leather seats and really comfy.  The entertainment system is super – my iPhone and iPod bluetooth into it.  And it came in Gold – the primary reason why any girl would buy this vehicle.

Yes, it is a petrol (gas) guzzler and I won’t even think about telling you what my petrol bill is each month.  Do I feel guilty about destroying the environment – well just a little.

Oh, and did I mention I feel safe driving it in and around Johannesburg – not one of the safest places on earth!  And being a mom, I often find myself having to do a taxi run in the middle of the night fetching and carrying kids.

Anyway,when I purchased my vehicle I wanted to go on the 4×4 course offered by Toyota.  4×4’ing is something that I am actually keen on doing.  So back then I was a little reluctant to go on my own and my sons are all wimps (yes!  I mean all 4 of you so don’t pretend you don’t know who I’m referring to) and it is really not Hubby’s thing.  So at the time I didn’t go on the course and it is something that I keep wanting to do.

So Toyota have just offered another course and I decided to take advantage this time – I invited Hubby and Sons and they either come or don’t come and I would go alone if necessary.

The course was today.  Hubby declined the invitation but Son no 1, his wife and Son no 4 joined me.

Bass Lake

We had to take almost an hours drive to Bass Lake for the course.  We got there at just before 8am to a warm breakfast that was prepared for us.  The place was absolutely beautiful.. It is an old quarry and the quarry is now filled with water and they do all sorts of outdoor adventure type stuff there.

Conference Room

After breakfast, we headed to the conference room where our instructor (Alan), gave us a 4×4’ing 101 lecture.  He described diff’s and diff locks and skid control, traction, breaking, speed control, low gear, high gear, multi-terrain settings etc etc.  Terms a girl never wants to hear.

I must admit I walked out there feeling a little less brave.  We headed to our vehicles where Alan came over to each vehicle and explained the various buttons and levers we all have (Oh, so that’s what this button does!).

Right, off we go, in low gear with the centre diff locked (see I do pay attention).

Out into the bush we go….

Alan explains each obstacle to us outside our vehicles and let’s us watch the reaction of the vehicles as we  all drive through

My first obstacle was a little nerve racking as my wheels just kept on spinning (probably a setting as Alan had to call another chap over to go through the menu settings on my vehicle).  I did learn a great trick though and this was to engage the crawl function on my vehicle and it automatically does anything and everything for me – all I have to do is steer.  I only used this function once but it is a really cool function.

I managed to get through all the obstacles and am quite proud of myself.  I won’t bore you with too much more.  Probably easier if I show your some photographs with annotations.  I have also included a few YouTube video’s at the endso you can see me in action.

Enjoy ……

Idea of the general terrain and obstacles

More terrain

And some more

First obstacle I went through where I had 2 wheels off the ground (scary stuff!)

And up we go

And down we go

And down some more
Lol – Vehicle rocks when in this position

More climbing
Closer view of pic above

Steep decline

Just before steep decline
Me concentrating

Lanthie Ransom


8 thoughts on “I’m Such a Brave Girl

  1. AWESOME!!!!! I am so proud of you doing this course. I dated a guy a long time ago that was in a 4×4 club. We spent days doing this stuff and its scary and exhilrating all at the same time. I have a toyota prerunner tacoma but its not 4×4. I forget that sometimes. LOL Its funny to see you on the other side of drivers side. I'm so used to our cars , drivers side on left.

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