Look At My Boobies

Boobs seem to be the topic for the month.  And rightly so as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I am sure you have all noticed the various awareness campaigns and there are three in particular that have caught my eye.

The first campaign was sent to me by a friend on Facebook.  Women are requested to change their Facebook status to “I like it on……..”  adding where you like to put your handbag when you get home. Last year the same campaign ran but you had to post the color of the bra you were wearing …and it left men wondering for days, why women were posting colors, seemingly at random.

So women are posting comments like this for this year campaign:

  • I like it on my desk
  • I like it on the kitchen counter
  • I like it on the bedroom floor
  • I like it on the couch

The second campaign is called #Mamming. #Mamming is the act of laying your (clothed) boobs on a flat surface like a counter or any other object and taking a picture of them and posting it online.  (In the spirit of the campaign, I have posted a pic of mine below)

I came across this campaign in one of our local news sites – View article here.

Why would you want to do this you may be asking.  Well, it is to emphasize the importance of having a regular mammogram done. Having a mammogram done is one of the most uncomfortable things a woman can do – right up there with going for a pap smear.

Michelle Lamont and Michele Jaret are the two women behind this campaign and has women all over the world resting their breasts on surfaces and posting their pictures online with #mamming.

So dear ladies – get out there and take some pictures of your boobs and send them to me with #mamming.  Let’s see how many of you are in support of this campaign.

The third campaign involves Harley Davidson – and as you all know, I have a fetish for all things Harley.

Harley Davidson’s guiding philisophy is “No one rides alone“.  And they have decided to support Breast Cancer Awareness month with the sale of Pink Label Merchandise.

Harley-Davidson riders share a special bond of support both on and off the road, whether it is for a flat tire or something deeper. The proceeds of the sales will go to 2 organizations – National Breast Cancer Foundation’s “Beyond the Shock®” program and the Young Survival Coalition.

In support of this campaign, I went out and bought a Pink Harley shirt – not that I needed an excuse to visit the Harley shop but thought it deserved a special trip for this campaign.

Lanthie Ransom

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