A Befitting Tribute to Tata Madiba

I came across a YouTube video today of a flash mob at one of our local Woolworths stores titled:
Woolies and Soweto Gospel Choir: Madiba Tribute.

I absolutely love flash mobs so I logged into YouTube to watch it.  As I watched, I thought how proud I was to live in this beautiful country and how proud I am of being part of this Rainbow Nation.
It is a truly befitting tribute to Nelson Mandela.  Well done Woolworths and The Soweto Gospel Choir for making us all proud.

I know you will not understand the song but it is absolutely beautiful so please make the effort to listen to it. It is a song by our very own Johnny Clegg called Asimbonanga.  It gave me goosebumps!

Lanthie Ransom

10 thoughts on “A Befitting Tribute to Tata Madiba

  1. Lanthie this is absolutely beautiful and one of the best tributes I've seen. I just love to hear African's sing because they seem to have a very natural way of harmonising together so perfectly. I saw them do this when you had the memorial event a few days ago and people on the streets who came from all over Africa were singing like professionals. Brilliant.
    Once again, it's a lovely and perfect tribute for such a man.

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