I gave my Son a Playboy

Hubby brought home a Playboy magazine the other day.  Something I have not looked at for years.  A day later it was laying on my pile of magazines to read along with my Fairlady and Cosmo.  A little strange as this sort of mag usually sits on Hubby’s pile for a lot longer.

So of course I grabbed at the opportunity to have a look-see at the HOT NAKED BABES!  And “read some of the articles”.  And about 2 minutes later I had finished.

I felt quite let down actually.  There were a few naked pics and quite honestly I didn’t look at any of them and say “Oh, If only I was 18 again!”.  And I wasn’t very impressed with any of the articles either.

I remember when a Playboy magazine had a certain appeal to it.  Men would kill to get their hands on one – especially here in South Africa where it was banned.

You now get to see more revealing pictures on billboards here.

I ended up putting it on the kitchen counter and Hubby noticed.  He asked if I had finished reading it.  I gave him my opinion and he agreed.  He then picked it up and headed towards the paper re-cycling bin to put it in the trash. I stopped him and suggested we give it to our 16 year old son to read.  I mean why not.  My son has access to the www and I am sure perv’s over a lot juicier pics than this (or should I pretend my 16 year old would never look at naked pics of women).

Lanthie Ransom

12 thoughts on “I gave my Son a Playboy

  1. Well now you and Howard Stern have inspired a post…maybe…Howard recently made a comment that Porn back in the day is now our equivalent of the “I walked 2 miles a day in the snow to go to school.” Instead it was “I had to sneak peeks at National Geographic and NY Times Sunday underwear ads.”

  2. This brought back some good ol' days nostalgia for me. I remember when the boys in my neighborhood would dumpster dive hoping some dirty old man had thrown out (or more likely, his uptight wife) his old collections of Playboy and Hustler. For whatever reason, if they found some, they'd get excited and feel the need to share this knowledge with me. I was oddly entertained to be so deeply entrenched in their “just one of the boys” mentality. Looking back, though, I learned a lot.

    And you're right… skin mags these days are really not the big deal they used to be. Not with all the free porn sites available online. Sadly, I'm not sure if this helps or hurts when it comes to sex, expectations and growth…

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