Keeping it light

Tap tap tap tap – in case you are wondering what this is, it is the sound of me tapping my fingers on the bottom of my keyboard thinking what to write about.

A funny thought occurred to me the other day.  I used to HAVE to write.  It cleared my mind.  It lifted a 10 tonne weight sitting on my shoulders all the time.  My blog was (and still is) my personal shrink – my sounding board for want of a better term.

But since I made certain decisions in my life, I no longer have this 10 tonne weight on my shoulders.  I no longer need to write.  I am content and my mind at ease.  Somehow everything has fallen into place.  I feel empowered.  I feel I can take on the world.

So what does this mean?  It means I have to learn to write for fun!

So fellow bloggers out there – give me something to write about.  Consider it a Lanthie challenge – give me some things to write about and let’s see if I am up to the challenge.  The only rule is – keep it light!

Lanthie Ransom

Turning Up the Heat for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines day all!

Today I thought I would bring in Valentines Day with a guest post by a blogger called Kitt Crescendo. Kitt and I share the same sense of risque twist on our blogs, although I must admit hers is a little spicier than mine.  I asked if she would be interested in doing a guest post for me and possibly introduce her new book to you all.  So herewith…….


Valentine’s Day. A day for lovers. The world explodes in hearts and flowers, and focus falls on romance.

For some that means a pampering session, extravagant gifts, a night on the town for dinner and dancing. For others it’s a rose petal trail leading to a scented bubble bath, champagne, candlelight and satin sheets.

Me? It all depends on my mood. Sometimes that soft romance is nice. More often than not, though, I like the simple gestures… A nice dinner, made either for my man or by him (yes, I’m lucky enough to have one that cooks extremely well), my favorite music playing in the background…and a bit of fantasy fulfillment.

Recently I put out two novelettes as part of my Wild Side series. Both center on my main character, Danielle Monroe. Dani is one of those bold, outspoken women. When she sees something she wants, she’s not afraid to go after it, and she’s definitely not shy about sharing her innermost desires. As she says, “The only way to get what you want is to be willing to ask for it.”

Some would say that Dani and I have a lot in common, and they’d be right. When it comes to reaching out and grabbing what we want from life, we look past our fear to the possibility life has to offer. Life is too short for anything else.

So, whether you’re alone on Valentine’s Day and looking for fun and distraction or you’re with a partner and looking for some ideas on how to spice things up, I might just have what you’re looking for.

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from my most recent book, Four One Night.

As we reached the guys, I let go of Candace and hooked my hand around Michael’s neck. Eager to share my pent up hunger, I yanked him down to indulge in a hard, heady mating of lips and tongue. The rough demand in my kiss was my loud and clear message that the time on the dance floor left me hot and ready for action.
When we finally separated, Michael whispered against my lips. “Holy shit! You and Candace were amazing out there, but now I feel left out.”
            My lips pursed together, but laughter still escaped. “Not for long!”
            His eyebrows drew together, curiosity written all over his face. “What exactly does that mean?”
            “I’m going to tell her to kiss you,” I shrugged.
            He blinked, surprised, and then snapped his fingers. “Just like that? How do you know she’d go for it? She doesn’t really know me!”
My head shook back and forth as I attempted for a look of feigned disappointment. “So little faith! Watch and learn.”
            Candace stood next to James, chatting, when I strutted over and pulled her to me again. My lips slammed down over hers and my tongue delved into her mouth. My assault continued until she moaned, eagerly giving way to my marauding. The sultry sounds she was making were unmistakable as her body nestled against mine. This girl was putty in my hands.
            Breaking away, I stared down into her baby blues. “Now, go kiss Michael.”
            With a nod ok she headed to where he stood watching us, a glint that looked a lot like mischief in her eyes. The green in his hazel became more intense as he tracked each predatory step she took. Though his arousal was obvious by the tightening of his pants, no words were exchanged. Candace leaned into his body and rubbed her hardened nipples against his chest. Slowly, she pressed her petal pink lips to his, giving him a taste of the wet, hot passion she shared with me. Surprised, he froze. The moment he realized this was no longer a fantasy, his tongue rushed to meet her desire.
“You are so hot.” he groaned as he peppered wet kisses from her cheek to neck and back to her mouth.
From where we stood, James and I watched their dueling tongues. Though it was sexy, my need to join them was strong and my pulse raced in anticipation. It was time for me to take the reins.
My body felt hot and overly tight as arousal seeped through every pore. Mischief surged through me as I looked up at my best friend. “Ready to join the party?”
He eyed me carefully as a slow, knowing smile spread across his face. “Michael wasn’t kidding when he said you wanted to play tonight.”
I snorted. “Tell me you’re not dying to join in. Watching them.” The jut of my chin in their direction sent his gaze flickering back to the lip locked pair. “It’s kind of hot, right?
“Kind of?” He dragged his attention away from the scene to roll his eyes at me. “You are a wicked, wicked woman. But you already knew that. It’s part of your charm.”
I pulled him down and smacked a noisy kiss on his lips. “Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”
Blurb for Four One Night:
Life is all about taking chances. You’ll never know how far you can go unless you try. Well, that’s my philosophy, anyway. My name is Danielle Monroe, but everyone calls me Dani. I’m the kind of girl that doesn’t just pay lip service to living life to the fullest. I reach out and grab it!

After a brutal day at work, unwinding by taking one of my best girl friends to a club for drinks and dancing was just what I needed. It also gave me the opportunity to make a shared fantasy with my boyfriend, Michael, come true. All it took was a quick phone call, a few friends, and the stage was set. Now, if I could just get everyone to take a walk on the Wild Side with me…
There’s no harm in asking, right?

I’ve always been an avid reader with a vivid imagination, cementing my role as family story teller and librarian. As a military brat, I told stories to my younger siblings to keep them entertained while we travelled the world. Following my mother’s lead, poetry was my first medium for writing. With my love of all things steamy and romantic, it was only a matter of time before I began to write my own sexy stories.

I live with my best friend who I’m also lucky enough to call my husband, and my two dogs. Despite living in Florida, I’m a Midwestern girl at heart. I’m passionate about music, coffee and chatting it up with people who share my passions.

Where to Find Me:

Three For All is currently available as a Kindle Exclusive:

Lanthie Ransom

Beefcakes Baby

My bond (mortgage) was approved for the purchase of my new apartment today.  So a really good friend of mine invited me out for the night in celebration therefore – a sort of a girls night out.

We decided to go to a bar called Beefcakes.  It is typically a gay bar with a nightly stage show starring 3 transvestites.

The evening started off a little late as my friend only collected me at 8.  We got there and I started drooling the moment I walked in the door.  It was filled with really hunky looking barmen.  They were also all rather young – probably in their early twenties.

Anyway, we made ourselves comfortable at the bar and had a drink or 2 before ordering something to eat from a menu which consisted primarily of  burgers.  The food was not great but hey, I was certainly not there for the food.

The stage show started at about 10 and was filled with good humor and overall a very enjoyable show.  The show starred 3 transvestites who all dressed up and imitated various celebrities – Madonna / Elvis / Marilyn Monroe / Tina Turner / Barbara Strisand etc etc.

After the show, the MC mentioned that the barmen were all feeling “a little hot” and would be taking off their shirts on stage and we were welcome to buy body shots off a barman of our choice.

So my dear friend decided to buy me a body shot. Yeah – not something I have done before but who am I to say no to this!

My “body shot” being prepped (need I say more ladies!)


I was so embarrassed doing this but I must admit was a load of fun.  I ended up home rather late and had an absolutely amazing evening.

Lanthie Ransom

One for the good guys…

Hi there, dalecooper57 here, I’ve just popped in to tell you about my latest attempt to make the internet a nicer place to be.
Have a read and see if you’d like to get involved. You know it makes sense.

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, bloggers are some of the nicest people I’ve met on the internet.
Whether it’s raising money for good causes, increasing awareness of social issues or simply providing help and advice to other bloggers and aspiring writers, there’s always someone who’s willing to lend a hand or act as a sounding board for new ideas.

Well I think it’s time we put some of that goodwill to good use.

The mass media, social media and the internet in general are so full of bad news, inequality and small mindedness these days, that sometimes it’s just good to read about something decent happening for the sake of decency itself, without any hidden agenda or need for personal gain being involved.

The amount of lazy, thoughtless racism and casual, allegedly comical bigotry that permeates the average antisocial network in the 21st century sometimes makes scrolling down a newsfeed an exercise in anger management and restraint, when it should be a reasonably innocent way of killing time and keeping in touch with friends.
And that’s without the videos of gratuitously violent executions, the inane rantings of Katy Hopkins or people trying to drink themselves to death.

Which brings me neatly to the subject of this post, the continued rise in the idiotic, dangerous and now officially deadly social media game, Neknomination, which has now claimed at least two lives as a result of “players” daring each other to indulge in massive alcohol intake in a short space of time.
Now however, the inventors of the game have begun furiously backpedaling in the face of the public backlash generated by the deaths, and by incidents involving kids unused to drinking becoming seriously ill after downing ridiculous quantities of alcohol.
In one case, a mother came home to find her nineteen year-old son unconscious on the sofa after having drunk three bottles of spirits and posted a photo of him covered in vomit on Facebook to teach him a lesson. He was lucky that he passed out whilst sitting up, had he been lying down he almost certainly would have died.

So the instigators of the craze have told their followers to switch instead to Donominate, the idea being that participants nominate each other to do “random acts of kindness” for strangers.

Now, call me cynical but I can’t picture the sort of bloke (unsurprisingly the players are almost all male) who’d drink a pint of whiskey with the contents of an ashtray tipped into it would suddenly take to carrying old ladies’ shopping or mowing lawns, just because some faceless internet goblin told him to.
I also have serious doubts about the sincerity of the goblins, thinking it rather more likely that they are attempting to dig themselves out of a hole of their own making, in the face of furious public opinion.

But let’s just for a moment be charitable and assume they are fully sincere and terribly contrite, the concept of doing small good deeds purely for the sake of it definitely has the makings of workable idea.
All it needs is a group of like-minded people who are prepared to put the idea into practice.

Do you see where I’m going with this…?

Yes that’s right, I am officially inaugurating a whole new branch of internet-philanthropy, Blognominate.

No, wait, come back!
This doesn’t involve donating money, sponsoring an event or even sitting in bathfulls of baked beans, all it requires is that you, the enlightened bloggers of the web, perform some small act of kindness for another person, whether it be a complete stranger or a needy neighbour, in the hope that the resulting karmic harmonics go some way to redress the balance of goodness in the world.

I haven’t been able to raise a team for this year’s Exmoor Startrek charity night hike and we haven’t had a chance to do any daft dressing up at work recently, so for my part it seemed as good a time as any to try and engage in some goodwill recruitment on the factory floor this morning.
And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the willingness of my colleagues to pledge their support to my plan, which is as follows;

I have asked my workmates for a list of candidates from which we can choose one or more people who we agree would benefit from a random act of kindness, and once we come up with a suggestion we shall organise a party of willing volunteers to somehow make their lives just that little bit easier or more cheerful.
It doesn’t have to be spectacular, it could be anything from tidying up a garden or doing a bit of decorating, to collecting shopping or clearing out a garage. Nothing that’s going to cost a fortune or require specialist equipment, just something to demonstrate that there are plenty of folks out there who are happy to make the world a better place by giving of themselves for no other reason than it feels good to do good.

Whatever we decide to do, you can be sure I shall document it with photos and possibly video in a future post.

So how about it, I’m nominating all of you, are you up for it?

Obviously you don’t have to be a blogger to take part, I’m sure anyone reading this has somebody they know that would appreciate a helping hand.
But if you have a Facebook account or any other social media profile, why not ask your friends to join you for the Blognominate challenge and help score one for the good guys.


The Magic of Swaziland

I am feeling so guilty about not paying enough attention to my blog.  The reality is that, personal issues aside, I have been extremely busy and life has not been routine just lately.  I am hoping this will start settling and I will have more time to blog.

Anyway, I am telling you all about my trip to Swaziland today so hope you will all give me 10 minutes to tell you about what a magical place this is.

A friend of mine lives in Swaziland and he keeps telling me how absolutely awesome it is.  He owns a farm in a little town called Malkerns.  After much persuasion, I finally agreed to pop in on my way to Mozambique for a few days to see this magical kingdom for myself.

I love travelling and as I have never been to Swaziland, I was thrilled at the prospect of going to a new country -Yippee!  Another stamp in my passport.

After travelling for about 4 hours from Johannesburg, we arrived in Malkerns and briefly stopped off at my friends farm to meet / greet his father.  We then made our way to Malandela’s pub. This is the local hangout.  We joined some friends of his for a quick drink and ended up staying until late in the evening chatting to all and sundry (and of course having a lot more than 1 drink).  I could instantly tell I was going to enjoy a few days here.  Everyone was very friendly and I instantly felt like I belonged.

Then it was off to a little B and B down the road – The Willows.  It was around 10.30pm so reception was closed already.  Luckily keys to my room were left with the guard at the gate.  My room was more than adequate and very comfortable.

The Breakfast Room at The Willows

The outdoor area at The Willows

More of the outdoor area

The following 2 days were pretty much dedicated to sight seeing and we spent a lot of time in the car driving around seeing the sights.  Swaziland is indeed very beautiful.  I am posting some pics below. I’m not going to bore you with the details of where they were taken as it probably won’t mean anything to you and it is really something you have to experience for yourself.

Sibebe Monolith – Second largest monolith in the world

There are a lot of forests in the region so this pic very typical

I’ve never seen Pineapples being grown before so was intrigued at this

View from the fence line of my friends farm

Nothing more beautiful than a sunset

On my last day there, I arrived at my friends farm around mid morning.  He was busy getting ready to host a braai for a whole bunch of his friends and their families that afternoon.  He asked if I wanted to learn to drive a tractor as his dad had to slash some grass on the farm.  Of course I am always up for a challenge so was very eager.

His dad instructed me to hop into the drivers seat of the tractor and he patiently explained the various controls.  I then drove down the road with him standing over my shoulder.  Once we were in open farmland, he showed me how to use the various levers to make the slasher machine lower and operate.

I then spent the next 2 hours slashing, much to my friends disgust as I was not suitably dressed to spend this sort of time out in the sun – and it is seriously hot out there.  I had loads of fun slashing and am very grateful to my friends dad for taking the time to teach me and being so patient with me.  He is such a kind and caring man.

Once the tractor was put away, people started arriving for the braai.  I got to meet a whole load of new people.  I was amazed at the friendliness of everyone.  I felt right at home and felt like I had known everyone for many years.

Unfortunately the weather turned a little nasty and it poured with rain for a few hours that afternoon.  This meant everyone had to spend the time cooped up inside instead of enjoying themselves out at the fire and in the sun.  It also meant that children were quickly bored and tired easily and everyone ended up going home early.

I was sorry I had to leave the following day.  I would love to have spent another week there at least and felt like I needed this time to really get to know everyone better and totally wind down from a busy life.

I thoroughly enjoyed Swaziland and hope to be going back there often (If I’m invited again of course).   Next time I will try to do a few more of the tourist attractions.   I managed to totally relax there (not something I do very often) and there is nothing better than spending time on a farm – something I have not done since my childhood and it brought back many fond memories.

Lanthie Ransom