Man Up FFS

I have many opinions, usually kept to myself.  But there are certain things I feel quite strongly about and I find myself wanting to voice my opinion occasionally.

I am the survivor of Throat (Oropharynx) Cancer so I feel I sort of have the right to voice my opinion about smoking.  Now it is debatable as to whether my cancer was caused by second hand smoke or the HPV virus but I watched my father die a very slow death from Emphysema when I was in my early twenties and my mother followed on many years later so I think it narrows the odds quite a bit.

I have never ever tried smoking and I think it is a filthy habit.  (I’m sorry if I am offending close friends here)  You can always tell who is a smoker as soon as they walk into the room and women shouldn’t be caught dead with a cigarette – EVER!

I’m happy to go through the pro’s and con’s of smoking but I think we all agree smoking is bad for you and causes cancer so I will move on.

So here we are in the modern age where smoking is banned in public spaces (Yay!), but as usual there are always ways and means around new laws.

It is also the “In Thing” to try to be healthier now and of course a healthier cigarette was sought, one which doesn’t cause cancer (or not as badly) yet still feeds ones addiction.

So “Vaping” was born and is the new “in thing”.  As far as I am concerned it is like ordering a Big Mac, upsize of course, and accompanying it with a diet coke.

One of my sons has tested the waters with me a few times and hinted that he would like to Vape.  Well he is old enough to make his own decisions now but it is not something I would encourage him to do or be proud of him doing either.  And here’s why…

(I was going to post a few links of the dangers of vaping here but I’m pretty sure we are all pro’s at using google by now.)

But if you are going to / want to smoke, then smoke.  Don’t try to legitimize it by pretending to be opting for the healthier / cleaner version.  I just look at you and say seriously – Just Man the F up.

The reality is when I look at a man vaping, I kind of have this little giggle escaping from the back of my throat. There is NOTHING cool or manly about it.Vaping

I come from a culture where men are men and the moment I find myself in the presence of a man vaping, he has lost my respect and I cannot take him seriously, even if he is “trying to stop smoking”.

If you want to stop, then stop.  There is no inbetween.  But in the meantime, be a man.

As for woman – I refer to my earlier comment.  It is the most unattractive thing any woman can do.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Keeping the lights on


2 thoughts on “Man Up FFS

  1. I’ve actually gone from smoking tobacco to vaping, after smoking for over thirty years. I can tell you that not only is it staggeringly cheap in comparison, but the difference it has made to my health is very noticeable, even after only six months. I don’t vape anywhere near as much as I used to smoke, either, so it is definitely a very effective way to stop smoking, for anyone who decides it’s time to do so.

    I would never encourage anyone to TAKE UP vaping for the sake of vaping, not if they have never smoked in the first place; but as a way to drastically reduce the health risks from the vastly more dangerous smoking of tobacco, it’s a no brainer.

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