Just Add a Little Sugar

I have been feeling a little low these past 2 days.  No particular reason, just struggling with the motivation to do things and get things done – and believe you me there is a lot to do on the farm.

So I lay in bed this morning, I lay in for a little longer than usualtrying to find the energy to get up, and it dawned on me, I am a Sunshine kinda girl.

I love blue skies and sunlight.  And to make me even happier, add a few Sunflowers.


Blue Skies, Sunshine and Sunflowers

And the sky has been overcast the last 2 days and this affects my mood more than I realise.  

So I’ve dragged myself out of bed and decided to play some happy music.  One of our favorites is Sugar Sugar by the Archies.  We play it almost every morning on the way to work.  Very difficult arriving at the office in a bad mood ready to shout at people after listening to this.

Hope it makes you all feel a little happier too.




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