It’s MY time to Shine

I’m subtly aware of the whispers in the dark about my banner and I’ve often thought about taking it down. The honesty is that it took quite a bit (A LOT) of guts and thought to put it out there in the first place.

So why am I sprawled out in my lingerie?

The answer is simple, every woman needs to feel fabulous and I’m at an age where I have nothing to hide or to be ashamed of.

It’s me, a part of me and a part of all women.

Too often hidden, many times forgotten and all also sadly relagated to the bottom of a list that never quiet gets addressed as life and its challenges lay their demands at one’s door!

Its a reminder that I am more than a mother, a grandmother, a girlfriend, an entrepreneur or a work collegue.

You just gotta ignite the light, and let it shine

Like all women there is an enigma to us, so its a banner to that and at the same time it’s a catalyst to spur me forward to “Be all I can be” and as a very good friend always says “Why be less than Fabulous!”

My life has these past years morphed more and more into a life that reflects me, all of me, in small steps, large leaps and some painful setbacks. I am here and I am good with that!

So this is my Journey and its only just getting started! My youngest out the nest and very well set up all on his own steam.

Proud! Happy!  At ease and also looking forward to explore more that is me, hidden behind duty and need that family brings.

It’s my time to shine.

It’s time for you to shine too

Happy Thursday all and may you have a Fabulous day!

No 4 has flown the Coup

For those not familiar with my blog, I have 4 sons, ranging from the age of 21 through to 33 years of age and they have often been the subject of my blog. The eldest 2 are married to the most perfect wives. I have loved them like the daughters I never had and more. I just hope my 2 youngest sons can do them justice going forwards and find wives equally amazing.

The last 2 years have been very trying to everyone. Covid has been enough of a challenge and we now find ourselves not only trying to survive in this crazy world that is slowy coming out of the Covid madness, but also trying to save friendships, relationships and our own jobs going forward.

My youngest son recently left home. He decided he wanted to spread his wings in a whole new country and got on a plane to the UK 2 weeks ago and decided he wanted to explore job opportunities in London itself.

Hello London

I was so emotional the last few weeks before he left. It hits you hard when your youngest decides to finally leave home and not only that, decides he wants to go to a whole new country.

We encouraged him as South Africa has very little to offer him. It has been a struggling country for many years now and frought with fraud and corruption at every level of Government and Business. His prospects here in South Africa are virtually none.

Thank You

My partner called on some good friends of ours and asked for assistance with a bed to sleep in for a week or 2 for him in London. They kindly obliged and I am EXREMELY thankful to them. I cannot express my gratitude enough as without them I would have gone through hell not knowing if my son was safe or not.

So 2 weeks on and he has found himself a fantastic job in London and a place to stay with a few lads his age. He is super excited about starting his life in the UK.

It was his first day at work today. I have been counting the seconds till I can talk to him later to find out how it all went.

Very thankful to all those who have made this possible and I am so grateful he has managed to land on his feet there and I wish him the best life can offer in his new venture.

Love you my Son

Ciao for now