Wear Leather’s!

It is my birthday this coming week – I’m turning 38 (again!).  I’m not usually big on birthdays and don’t usually make a big deal out of my own – another year older is not something I like celebrating nowadays.

One of the things you would know about me if you knew me personally is that I HATE being in the limelight.  Now don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my blog being in the limelight but personally, I am a behind the scenes person.  So big parties and especially surprise parties are not ideal for me – especially when I am the main feature.

In case you hadn’t noticed – I have a slightly warped sense of humor.  I love joking about my own sexuality and always have some form of tongue in cheek comment about sex or anything with a sexual connotation.  The funny thing is, my brother and I were brought up very conservatively, and he shares my sense of humor and we have very weird conversations when we are together.

Anyway….. my brother calls me about 2 weeks ago and invites me to “dinner” on my birthday and won’t take no for an answer.  Now this in itself is strange as he usually takes me out for lunch.  We never go for dinner.

So I tell hubby later that night that my brother wants to take me for dinner for my birthday.  It is a week day and I can’t see why hubby would have an issue with it – he is usually in bed asleep by 7 and we wouldn’t have done anything special for my birthday anyway – maybe an early dinner or something but hubby hates going out for dinner.  However, hubby goes off on a tangent and is pissed that I am going with my brother and what about him and his plans for me.

So I drop the subject – It will resolve itself whatever and well, dinner or not is no big deal and quite honestly I have better things to worry about.

My brother then mentions to me a few days later that I have to “wear Leathers”.  Now I am worried.

 It is a little strange to be told to wear leathers for dinner.  So I know something is up.  I’m not sure what type of leathers either – are we talking leather trousers / leather skirt / leather jacket / jeans and leather jacket / chaps or perhaps the “collars and mask’s” type!  (you never know with my brother)

I have the leather boots and jacket but anything more may need to be a shopping expedition!

My husband then comes home the other night and tells me that he has spoken to my brother and he has given me permission to go out with him (Yeah – my thoughts exactly – I’m like 2 years old all of a sudden and need permission!).

So I start asking questions about where we are going.  My brother eventually tells me that we are going to a place called “Beefcakes“.  I was curious so looked it up and of course the half naked guy in the logo catches my eye.  I send my brother a message asking if he can arrange a lap dance.  He thought I was very funny!

Beefcakes is a burger bar – but with a twist.  They have themed evenings – with drag shows and boys only nights and girl only nights.  Pop on over to the site to have a look.

So I am dying of curiosity to find out what he has planned.  I strongly doubt we are actually going to Beefcakes, but who knows.  As long as there are half naked men involved, I’ll forgive him for putting me in the spotlight!

Red Mini Skirts and Black Suspenders

I have been eyeing out a red mini skirt at our local clothing store for about 6 months.  Every time I go shopping, I threaten my sons that I am going to buy it, but never seem to work up the courage.  I am a typical jeans and blouse / t-shirt kinda girl.  I wear the odd sundress in summer but I am most comfortable in my jeans.  I don’t get to go anywhere fancy so never really get to doll myself up.

So last week I decided to buy the red mini skirt – for no other reason than to wind my sons up.  I also found a new pair of boots – finally admitted the last pair were a little too high and was never going to survive in them.  The new pair are just above ankle length with the right size and height heel and are lace ups – Perfect in every way.  (Cost a fortune but I wont tell hubby if you don’t)  So I have the new boots and a red mini – what else do I wear them with?  Found a very nice black shirt (with press stud buttons) and some black stockings to complete the package.

Tried it all on the other day and was very pleased with the look – the mini was not nearly as short as I thought and in fact came to about 2 inches above the knee – so not sure it can be described as a mini skirt anyway.

Decided to wear my new outfit this week, much to my sons disgust.  Had endless remarks from them all day.  Sitting in the car was the worst – son no 3 kept complaining that he could see my thighs and it is the last thing any kid wants to see (I have obviously brought up a bunch of prudes!).

I felt really good all day and decide to be a little more daring in future.

I am now on the look out for a black leather mini skirt.  I could so make it work.  Do you think that black stockings and suspenders may be pushing it a bit?