Pussies in Dubai

As promised, here are the pics of my sons cats in Dubai.  They are only too gorgeous.

They cause absolute chaos in his little apartment.  They also apparently love water and everytime you open the tap, they are in the basin playing with the water.

Lanthie Ransom

Gigantic Pussy

In case you were wondering, this post has nothing to do with cats so read on……

And for all you guys out there – GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER!

This post involves my sons again. I hate to harp on about them but they provide me with excellent fodder for my blog and it is hard to resist telling you about some of the stuff they come up with.

Son no 3 and 4 go through stages where they are the best of friends for weeks, and then they go through weeks where they want to kill each other. At the moment we are going through the latter of the 2 stages. So we have the typical pushing each other as they walk past each other, or the tripping up of each other and other subtle gestures – and of course they think I don’t see any of it.

So today we are in the car on our way to school when I asked my sons if they have any idea what I could blog about today. So Son no 3 says “you can write about what a big gigantic pussy he is”, pointing to son no 4.

So of course my mind being what it is, immediately thought what a great title for this post.

I also came accross the following and thought it was perfect for this post – enjoy……

Welcome to a New Year

Christmas is finally over and the New Year is well on its way already. I was glad to see the end of 2011 – this having been one of the worst years in my life. Saw 2 sons leaving home and having no work for almost 12 months took some strain on our finances. Finances are still an issue as our savings are all but depleted and not enough business coming in at the moment to live off of income alone just yet.  I am fairly positive things will improve this year.

The holidays were fairly uneventful. We don’t usually go away and this was no exception. Days were spent doing nothing – relaxing and occassionally dipping into the pool. The weather has been great with temperatures of around 30 degrees.

My mother-in-law, who lives with us, has spent 3 weeks in Cape Town and is arriving back today. She lives in a cottage on our property. Her cat has spent the last 3 weeks here. She is quite sweet but our little white cat, who is very timid, has not taken it well. So we have had to feed her in a seperate part of the house and keep the 2 of them as far away as possible from each other.  I am looking forward to having some peace back in the house as my mother-in-laws cat moves back in with her.

Life is slowly resuming back to normal.

Son no 3 goes back to school this week on Wednesday so have booked haircuts etc for Tuesday. Got to deal with school stationery and the packing of school bags as well. He is going into Grade 9 this year. Son no 4 only goes back to school on the 18th so he still has a few days left.

We are back in the office tomorrow morning. Not much to do yet but at least we will have some time to do a little housekeeping in the office. Haven’t collected the mail for 3 weeks so am expecting loads of bills. We have one event which we need to start working on. The office should be bustling by Friday with a bit of luck and hopefully this year will see us having loads of work again.

Been reading a book a day in bed these last few days. Sadly this will come to an end as I will be up and about at the crack of dawn again from tomorrow so will not be able to read till all hours of the night.

I trust you all had a break over the festive season and arrived back home safely if you went away. 

Let me know how you spent your holidays and what you have lined up for this year …..