Captains and Merits

Son no 3 recently announced that he had received a Merit Award at school.  This was around the same

Captains and Merits

time that Son no 4 was elected as Hockey Captain (About 10 days ago).  As he verbally told me about it, I forgot.  (I know – I can be a crappy parent at times)  He brought home the actual award this week and I once again congratulated him. But…..

Apparently I publicly congratulated Son no 4 on becoming captain and not son no 3 on his award. (Cannot find a blog post about it but maybe I mentioned it on Facebook)

So……  In order to appease the peanut gallery I would like to formally congratulate Son no 3 for winning a Merit Award for Culture (Dramatic Arts) which he received for his contribution to the One Act Play Festival.  Please pop on over to my Mr Bean Moment post and read about the One Act Play Festival he starred in.

Oh the things we do for our kids!

Gotta love them too bits!