More Orgasms

Yes, yes, yes, yes , yeesssss – It is that time of the year again when Orgams are a-plenty.

My easter supply of Cadbury Creme Eggs has arrived!

If you have not had the pleasure of eating one, I would recommend the following as your first experience:

  • First make sure to pick a time when you can guarantee that you won’t be distured and run a hot bubble bath
  • Light scented candles and place these around the bath
  • Then get naked and lay in the bath
  • Gently unwrap the egg to unveil the large bulb
  • Then close your eyes and imagine something like this:
  • ………….Whilst you BITE into the pointy end with your front teeth
  • Then gently SUCK out the GOO
  • Then stick out your tongue and LICK and SUCK out the remaining GOO
  • Then slowly NIBBLE the rest.

In case you missed my previous Orgasms post – view it here.

And for those who have an open mind – watch the following banned Cadbury Creme Egg advert…



It is true what they say – a woman reaches her sexual peak later in life.  And I think I finally understand what they mean.  I have become addicted to orgasm’s. 

For those of you who don’t know how to identify an orgasm – look for the following signs:

In fact there are certain times of the year I orgasm more than others – typically around Easter time.  In fact I could orgasm multiple times a day during March and April each year.  This is typically brought on by my husband facilitating the process.
I get that look on my face – very similar to the look on Sally’s face in When Harry met Sally – except I am not faking it!
Now for all my girl friends out there – you could say I am probably visualising something like this:

Photo from
But the truth is, I am a sucker for a man on a bike in a leather jacket.  So this would be more my style:

Photo from
Photo from
But this year I was blessed at having multiple orgasm’s in November as well. 
You see we came across the UK Emporium in Boksburg the other day and they happen to have:
Now usually they are only available as:

But this year, they have rebranded them for Halloween so they have been available later on in the year as well. 

Now there is nothing better than a Cadbury’s Creme Egg – They taste amazing.  I usually bite the top off …. and then gently stick my tongue in …. and lick out the filling …. before putting the rest of it in my mouth….. 

So I have had the opportunity to have multiple …

in November as well this year!

(Pictures found on Google Images on more than one site and therefore original owner not identified)