What would I do with R5Million (US$500,000)

A friend recently asked me what I would do with R5million (about US$500,000), assuming I would not give up my job.  Off the top of my head I gave a fairly boring reply as follows:

I said I would like to pay off my apartment, put some into savings or investments and then risk some of it on new business venture/s.

So after being accused of being boring I decided to draw up a list of things I could do or buy that did not fall into the “boring” category.  Now this is not exactly a lot of money but it certainly is enough to have some fun with.  Some of these require quite a bit of money, others I could and should do as time allows.   In no particular order and without giving it too much thought ……

  1. Learn to fly – My brother has a helicopter license and my mother had a private pilots license.  In fact I did some research into this and I could get my license for around R100,000 (US$10,000).  So very easily attainable.
  2. Perhaps buy a small aircraft like a Cessna – something big enough for 2-4 people.  
  3. Actually fly a Spitfire or similar fighter aircraft -this would be amazing!   And yes, I’d like to fire it too!
  4. Learn to skipper a boat – Well perhaps I should just buy one and find some awesome guy (with penis pointers or perhaps just a really great looking bum to look at) to skipper it for me while we sail off into the sunset and anchor off the Mediterranean coast or something.
  5. Buy a small personal submarine – Something suitable to view marine life with. Of course I would have to buy a suitable boat / yacht to launch it from
  6. Buy a Harley Davison or Indian Motorbike and do a Cape to Cairo or route 66 run or something similar
  7. Go and live in a small beach house in Mozambique for a few years
  8. Open up a beach bar 
  9. Go on a world tour – stopping in each country, getting to know the locals and moving on as and when I choose.
  10. Buy a bright RED Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche or other sportscar.  Not sure which – will have to take a test drive in them all first
  11. Buy a lifetime supply of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs
  12. Visit the 7 wonders of the world
  13. Go Scuba diving in the great Barrier Reef
  14. Take some of my best friends on a long holiday to the Maldives or Seychelles or some other exotic island
  15. Take some of my best friends on a skiing holiday
  16. Go swim with the sharks (Yeah, Maybe I’ll stay in the cage)

So how would you spend half a million dollars – just for the fun of it?

Lanthie Ransom

Wanna Feel My Jugs

I have done something I’ve never done before!  I went to an Oktober Beerfest (I really don’t get out much).

I was invited to join my brother and his friends and staff at their table at the annual Oktober Beerfest at Montecasino last night.  I wasn’t going to go originally but thought I could do with a night out – best case I would have some fun, and the worst case I would have a night out with friends and family.

I knew the night was going to be a whole bunch of fun when I started receiving selfies from the girls at my brothers office asking me when I would be arriving as they were doing hair and make-up.

The office is just across the road from the venue so I stopped by the office to have my touch-up’s done to my make-up.  The girls were already light-headed as my brother had been lacing their drinks all afternoon with Tequila (My brother has a nasty sense of humor 🙂  ).

Anyway – after much debating about what to wear / accessorize we finally headed out the door.

We arrived just on time.  There was a desk near the door for a driver service for those that were expecting to have a few too many.  You were obviously charged a fee and got a free T-Shirt to wear indicating that they were responsible for taking you home later.

There were already loads of people there and the band had not started yet.  So we sat down to some snacks on the table and ordered our first round of beer.  There was a variety of beer on tap so I went with what everyone else was having – I started with a “girls” beer.  Tasted more like pee so moved on to another brand as the night wore on.  We all donned our aprons – all the girls opted for the aprons with the “BIG JUGS” on.

Nice Jugs

One of the young ladies in our crowd (lets caller her Miss M) was being eyed out by one of the guys sitting at a table close-by.  Miss M is pretty, young and slender and was wearing a tight fitting dress – so she looked seriously HOT!    Anyway, he eventually beckoned her over to his table.  Now he looked extremely hot as well and I found myself drooling, but there is no way I could have competed with Miss M – I am slightly older and wider wiser.  So she ventured over and they had a chat.  He seemed like a really nice guy and they chatted for a minute or 2 before she came back over to our table.

Lots of flirting across the room by the two of them ensued and he eventually ventured over to our table and bought shots of Jagermeisters for our entire table (16 of us).  Not to mention the HUGE tip he gave the waitress.  Anyway, there I was drooling downing my shot watching these two get on really well.  (She is recently single so was nice to see her having fun after a break-up).

After about 5 minutes, Miss M leans over the table to me and mentions that he just asked her to join him in the toilets for a “quickie”.  She was stunned and didn’t know how to react.  I couldn’t help but laugh – took him less than 10 minutes from first meet to ask this question.   And all of a sudden he didn’t look so hot anymore.  So she very quickly told him where to shove his advances.

Miss M was certainly the highlight of the evening.  After slightly too many beers and a little too much fun, we all found ourselves dancing in the aisles with everyone else.  However, ALL the guys were circling around her with their phones out taking pictures and taking video’s of Miss M dancing.

The VIP tables had extra large beer mugs on that you could take home.  Miss M wanted one for herself so eventually she plucked up the courage (or lost her inhibitions – not sure which) and ventured over to one of the VIP tables to where a bunch of “older” men were sitting.    Her pick up line was “nice glasses” and she asked if she could please have one of the mugs to take home.  They gladly obliged and she walked off with 6.  She did pose for a photo or 2 with them as well so they didn’t walk off empty handed.

Our entire crowd had good clean fun all evening.  Some had slightly more beer fun than the rest of us but we all found ourselves laughing and dancing.

The event was finally shut down at 11.30pm so we had to leave.  I can’t remember when last I had so much fun so really glad I went.

Eventually got into bed at around 12.30am and suddenly noticed I had lost my belly ring – after the last saga with losing part of it a few weeks ago, I was prepared this time and had some spares (Read previous post about this #awkward moment here)

A few more pics below…..

Just friends

My brother and I

Some of the girls from the office

Lanthie Ransom

My Nearly Naked Debut

I promised I would tell you all about my Belly Dancing Showcase Debut so here goes……

For those of you who are new to my blog, I took up belly dancing in February this year.  I am not a very physical person – I hate gym.  Have never danced and have 2 left feet.  I have been on a mission lately to challenge myself.  I have always been quite reserved and not very adventurous.  So I picked something that was, in my books, way out there.  And belly dancing certainly was when I started.

I coerced my daughter-in-law to join me and she gladly accepted.  After the first 2 lessons, I knew I would stick it out.  I have loved every minute of if.  I feel like I fit in and have a wonderful, patient teacher.   The biggest challenge for me was the choreography.  I am typically a thinker and you can’t overthink when dancing – you just need to do it!  Anyway, we were informed a few months ago that we would be expected to perform on stage in a showcase at the end of our term.

I worked real hard in learning the routine and spent last week in a panic as I had not mastered it all yet.  I was also working on a huge event last week so was not able to rehearse and I was working 20 hour days.  My event finished on Saturday and my showcase was on Sunday.

So I woke up early on Sunday.  Collected my daughter-in-law and we drove through to Roodepoort.  The show was at the ProMusica theatre, seating about 400 people.  We had Make-up scheduled for 8.30am.  Photoshoot at 11am.  Walk though on stage at 1pm.  A show at 3pm and another at 6pm.  So a busy day ahead.

The Make-up artist was brilliant.  I hate make-up and can’t bear feeling like I have gunge on my face all day.  It makes me feel claustrophobic.  She spent almost an hour doing our make-up with false eyelashes the works.  And I felt like a million bucks.  So she had a huge part to play in making the day very special for me.

We then went off to find the dressing rooms.  There were 4.  2 Chorus and 2 smaller ones.  We chose the one smaller for 6.  We thought we would secure 2 dressing tables for the 6 in our group and would share with many other dancers.  Thankfully, no one bothered to join us so the 6 of us had the dressing room all to ourselves.  It was great for morale and of course we spent every free moment rehearsing our routine.

it was freezing backstage.  We were going to be very cold for the day!

Once we got unpacked and dressed up in costume no 1 (brrrrr), we went to find the photographer.  I am generally not very photogenic so I hope she took some nice pics.  Haven’t seen them yet.  Once she did the first set, we went off to change into costume no 2 and went to have some more pics taken.

By that time we all started running out of time so we never got to have our group shots taken.  It was 1pm and time for a walk through on stage.  Originally there was only one show scheduled and it sold out fast so they put a second show in.  So thy had to move the time of the first performance forward.  Therefore there was no time for a full rehearsal.  Just time enough for a quick walk through with placing on stage.

So chaos reigned for the next 90 minutes while we all came on and off stage  placing ourselves and getting familiar with the stage.  Quite daunting for me.  Although I have spent many many hours on stage through out my career, I have never actually been on it when the lights are on and an audience watching.

We had final call at 2.45.  We were to get show ready and get on stage for the opening number. The opening number had all 70 odd of us on stage at the same time.  My group (the beginners) only came on stage towards the end of the opening.  Daunting enough let me tell you.  You suddenly realise you are in front of loads of people focussing on you.

In fact I was not nervous.  I was  not concerned about the lights or the people.  The only thing I had on my mind was “remember to smile”.  That and remembering the choreography.  And what is the first thing my kids said to me after the performance – “You could have smiled mommy”.  So I hate to think how much I messed up on the choreography.

I was a lot better in the second show.  I think if we did another one or two shows I would have been perfect.  Dancing in a studio versus the stage are very different.  Especially when it comes to spacing and where are you compared to the others on stage.

They took a video of the performance.  When I get it, I will see if there are any suitable parts to post for you all along with some of the photographs from the photographer.

I had a really good time and I would perform on stage anytime again – even in my nearly nothings.  We all had a great time.  I can’t wait to get back to class and start rehearsing for next years show.

Just goes to show that sometimes it is worth challenging yourself – you may just end up enjoying yourself in the process.

What other challenges shall I concur………

There Were No Half Naked Men Involved

My birthday week finally draws to a close.  It has been the most awesome birthday ever.

I turned a whole year older on Wednesday.  My day started with Hubby making me a nice cup of tea at 4am (Yeah 4am!  It’s a work day).  Kids got up about 5 minutes earlier than usual to give me a quick kiss and a hug and hand me my new iPad 4!  Haven’t had a chance to set it up as yet but can’t wait.

The rest of the day was no different to any other day – sat at my desk working.

My brother called to confirm he was collecting me as 6 and asked me to wear something nice.

I left my desk at about 5 to get “dressed”.  Thought I’d wear my new black leather mini skirt, remembering my brother did tell me to wear leathers.  I thought I would go all out.  I put on my suspenders, stockings, leather mini, black blouse (with popper buttons) and red high heel shoes.  I looked awesome!  I was so going to own the evening.

Then my daughter-in-law arrived, took one look at me and said I had to change.  WHAT?  WHY?  She just said she thought it was inappropriate and I needed to wear trousers.  After a debate, I called my brother to confirm what I should be wearing and he politely told me that he thought trousers were more appropriate.    I then rather annoyingly took off my new skirt, stockings and suspenders and put on a pair of black jeans.  I insisted on still wearing my red heels.

My brother duly arrived to collect me.   On the way to wherever, my brother asks if I trust him.  I said yes of course – why wouldn’t I.  Rather a strange question.  My office is near to one of the local Casino’s and we were headed in that direction.   As we drove past the Casino, there was a party bus parked outside.  My brother asked me if I had ever been on one.  I said no.  He asked if I wanted to go on one.  All of a sudden I could picture the night being one big piss-up!  Not quite what I had in mind.

Thank goodness we drove past and he turned into the office park where my offices are.  And I spot 3 Harley’s parked outside.  Now my heart is starting to pound in excitement.  Hope they are for me!

He parks and we head for the restaurant downstairs.  There are 3 guys sitting there in leathers and my brother introduces me as the Birthday Girl.  The one guy was the first guy to bring a Harley into the country about 30 year ago.  The second guy introduces himself as Michael – he looked very familiar but I couldn’t place him.  And the third guy had rather a quiet disposition.  We sat and all had a drink together and just chatted about Harleys and things.  If my evening ended here, it would have been good.

They then informed that they they were taking me for a ride.  Just the 3 of them.  They would meet my brother again at 11 at some joint miles away.

So now I’m a little concerned – thinking what on earth are 3 bikers going to do with me all evening.  I am not exactly great company on my own and can be a little shy and reserved.  They don’t look the gang bang type either so shit only knows what we are going to do for the next 5 hours.

Anyway, I point out I am wearing heels and I show off my new red shoes.  They brush it off and say don’t worry about it.  They help me into my Harley leather jacket (so glad I brought it) and I am directed to the bikes.  The BIG RED one is mine.  (Hope they couldn’t spot me drooling).

Michael is assigned to me.  (Still can’t place him and he looks so familiar)  He gets on, starts the bike and they explain how I am supposed to get on and sit in the pillion seat.  I used to ride a bike back when I was about 18 – nothing big and without a license.  I haven’t been on a bike since and I have never been on a bike as a passenger.  I have trust issues with someone else riding.  Anyway, I take a deep breath and quietly tell myself to embrace the evening and opportunity.  And off we go.

Spot the red heels

I was in heaven!  I can’t remember having so much fun in all my life.  This is where I was supposed to be – on a Harley!  I was not scarred, not concerned.  I forgot about everything else in life.  Bliss!

We went up and down various roads and ended up on the freeway.  Eventually taking the Sandton off-ramp.  Now I had a slight idea where we were headed to.  The Harley dealership is in Sandton.  And as we approach the dealership, I spot loads and loads of cars parked outside.  Now it dawns on me what is happening for the evening.

Michael pulls into the dealership and stops the bike.  I now have to get off.  Sounds easier than it is – my legs (and quite possibly my brain) was not going to cooperate.  I could not get off.  After 5 minutes of struggling, I eventually wriggled my way off.

Quick photo opportunity as we are met by the rest of my family and I am led into the upstairs section of the dealership.


There are all my friends and family.  Could the evening get any better.

The place looks awesome.  The room is decked out with tables and chairs and just looks amazing.

I spend the next 15 minutes going around and greeting each person individually.  I then pop over to the bar to thank the 3 bikers for the awesome ride and we get chatting over a drink.  It suddenly dawns on me who Michael is – he is the brother of a good friend and business associate.  Pure coincidence – and of course once we twigged, we had a good laugh about it.  They then left.  (And my heart sank thinking that was end of my riding for the evening).

There was an airbrush artists there who apparently does custom spray jobs on Harley’s so everyone was queuing up to get some form of airbrushed “fake” tattoo’s done.

My fake tattoo

Dinner was eventually served.  Everyone was having fun and it was great to see my friends all having a good time.

Eventually cake time and I was called to do the honors.  Now this is the bit where I get a little nervous. I don’t like taking centre stage or being in the spotlight and standing in front of a room full of people doing a speech is not my idea of fun.  I suck it up,  blow out the candles (and yeah they were the non-blow-out sort that keep reviving themselves  haha).  Speech didn’t happen – I said a quick Thank You to all and that was as good as it was going to get.

I eventually ended up at the bar.  I am not a big drinker but I thought this was my night and I was going to let a little lose tonight – Shooters it was!  Ended up making our own – Caramel Vodka and Chocolate Vodka mixed – now called a “Lanthie” – absolutely yummy!

The night slowly drew to a close with everyone slowly saying good night – it was a work day the next day.  I eventually got home at about 11.45pm.

Best night of my life and the bike ride more than made up for there not being any half naked men.