I want to live in Antartica

It is no secret that I have done nothing but complain about the heat this year. It has been the warmest summer I have ever had…… Or so I thought….

I have posted before about the heat (refer to my S.M.A.O post here) . I have started walking around with an ice-pack around my neck. This may look stupid but I feel so much better for it. Hubby looks at me and just grins!

It suddenly occurred to me about 2 weeks ago that hubby was not feeling the heat at all. He is usually the one to walk around in short pants in the middle of winter and I am usually the one wearing a cardigan in the middle of summer.

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So it dawned on me (with a very loud thump!) that I may be menopausal!

So off I went to see my lady doctor this week and he has confirmed my suspicions. I am 45 (I feel 38) but apparently it just happens and age has very little to do with it all. Average age for the start of menopause is 51 – I am just a few years early!

Been doing loads of research and of course I have consulted with  the great doctor in the sky, Dr Google.  My lady doctor has recommended that I take a soy extract capsule daily – apparently it will help with the hot flashes.  Will have to take it for about 3 weeks before it has an effect.  So I will try this and hope for a miracle cure for the heat!

Otherwise – Antartica here I come!

Too Darn Hot

I have really been struggling with the heat lately.  Cannot sleep at night and find myself “Sweating My Ass Off” all the time.  It is just too darn hot! 

We have been having a heatwave in Joburg for a few weeks now and it is really taking its toll on me.  Son no 2 will reply to this blog stating that the heat here is nothing like they have in Dubai and I should be grateful.  However – they have Air-Conditioning there – in all their homes, in all their places of work and in all their shopping centres.  All I have here at home is a lousy fan which Hubby does not like being switched on because it makes him cough!  


Hubby is in Bahrain at the moment – flew out last night and will be back tomorrow morning.  He had to do a presentation there today for a possible new project.  So I have taken advantage and done some general housekeeping in the office today.  Actually did my filing which I have not touched since March.  Maid washed the curtains and the windows in the office so I got out the old rags and wiped down all the PC’s / keyboards etc etc.  Also popped out to Vodacom to buy a new MICRO-SIM for my iPad.

I usually just tether my iPad to my iPhone as my iPad is usually on my wireless network.  But we have not had ADSL (or phone lines) for almost a week now – there was a cable break in our area and there is nothing one can do about it except to wait for them to reconnect it all again.  We have all been very frustrated over the last few days without being able to communicate with anyone – have not skyped with Son no 2 for a week now either.  Kids frustrated because they have not been able to play online games and doing business is challenging without ADSL or phone lines.

ADSL finally reconnected this afternoon (Yipee!), Hubby back tomorrow, so life will quickly get back to normal.