But Does He Have A Social Life

This weeks sees the end of an era for me.  My youngest son is finishing Primary School.  All 4 of my sons have gone to the same school and I have done the school run to this particular school for the last 19 years.

It was the Valedictory Ceremony tonight where they said good-bye to the Grade 7’s.  I sat there with mixed feelings – One of joy and one of sadness.  My baby is growing up and my eyes swelled up with tears a few times during the course of the evening.

Programme of Events

As my son is Head Boy, my attendance was guaranteed as he had to give a speech.  And there is nothing that makes a parent more proud than to see their child on stage, fully composed giving a speech to a hall full of people.

My son giving his speech

At least that is what I thought until he received various awards tonight as well.  He received:

  • The Grant Arthur Trophy for Academic success, fine
    sportsmanship, good spirit and leadership
  • Cunton Cohen Trophy Cricketer of the Year
  • Certificate for Conscientiousness and Diligence
Receiving an award

2 Trophies (Unfortunately the school keeps these)

2 Trophies that he gets to keep and certificates awarded
My son has made me an extremely proud mom tonight.  

So while we were sitting in the hall, Hubby was sending text messages out to the rest of the family telling them all about what awards Jeff was getting.  And of course sibling rivalry jealousy made us all have a giggle.  I thought I would share some of the messages as follows:

My kids always find the humor in everything.  Love them to bits!

Lanthie Ransom

Group Sex

One of the joys about reading my blog is the fact that I may be actually writing about Group Sex or something with a twist on the term.  This post unfortunately has a twist.  Seeing as though you are here, please stay……….. (I’ll make tea!)
I just love group sex chat.  There is so much negative connotation surrounding social media and many people are under the impression that it isolates family and friends.  Well I must tell you that social media has brought us closer than ever as a family this past week.
We are a fairly normal family. In fact we are quite a
close family.  We interact with our 4
sons all the time so I can’t complain.  Son no 2 lives in
Dubai and we don’t talk as often we we should.  We typically Skype each other.  Son no 1,3 and 4 don’t interact with no 2
enough and  I always try to encourage them to talk to each other more often.
Son no 3 set up a “group” for us as a family on Whatsapp this week.  For those of you who are not familiar with this – it is a real time messaging app that works on all mobile phones – iphone / blackberry / android / symbian / nokia / windows.  It is like text messaging on steroids and uses data so it is cheaper (for us here in South Africa anyway) than texting.
Anyway Son no 3 invited the whole family to join the group.  This of course was met with everyone responding with all sorts of comments about groups and groupies and groping etc (remember I have 4 boys so everything has a sexual connotation somewhere). And of course everyone was downloading pics and posting them for the group. (Profile icons used below)

The whole week has had the family interacting in one way or the other – even simple little messages like good morning or good night.  It has also helped with coordinating collection times from school.
Hubby sent out a message on the group chat session yesterday saying “he was coming out now”, meaning he was just finishing a meeting.  Of course this was met with a slurry of messages from the kids about “coming out” if you know what I mean.
Son no 2 sent the first message saying: Just came out?  Think you guys need to have a talk then! (aimed at hubby and myself).
I then said:  Didn’t you guys know? (playing along)
and then I added:  Haven’t you guys ever seen my strap-on?
Hubby said: You should see my strap-on….. 😉
Son no 3 said: I don’t wanna know and I don’t need to know!
Son no 2 said: I always knew there was never anything there.
And of course the obligatory “lol’s” followed from all.
Then this morning I sent out a message asking what “twerking” was (I don’t get out much).  I’ve heard the term used umpteen times but couldn’t be bothered to find out more.  Anyway curiosity got the better of me this morning.  The conversation went as follows:
Me: Ok – so WTF is twerking?
Son no 3: Nobody say anything!
Hubby: You must watch it – next best thing to belly dancing
Son no 3: NO!
Me: Is that a challenge
Son no 3: No!!! It’s not funny!! It’s sick and wrong!!
Hubby: Can’t wait to see you twerk 😉
Son no 3: NO!!
Son no 2 (from Dubai): This language could be banned in Dubai
So anyway, it has just been a real playful week with us all interacting at various times during the day about all sorts of things.  You should all try it – it could be fun!

Lanthie Ransom


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a handjob and a blowjob?

Son no 4 has a project to do for school.  Now he told me about the project just over a week ago.  I have been a bad mommy lately as I have had too much on my plate.  Not that this should influence his project as I typically don’t help out with homework or projects, but I do like to keep my eye on them and make sure things get done.

I have been backing off a little now that he is about to go to high school as I also firmly believe that they need to be responsible enough to do their own homework and ask for help if required and where relevant.  

The brief for the project was as follows:

He had to make a toy that’s out of the ordinary, and has moving parts.

So this morning I ask him how is his planning going for the project and when does it need to be in by.

He proclaims it is finished!

Um – I haven’t been asked to go out and buy any supplies for it and I have not had any conversations with him about what he is going to make.   So now I am rather curious to know what he has made.

So he describes it to me – in essence it is a windmill!  But with a difference.

It is powered by hand.

His story was that if it was powered by wind, it would have been ordinary.  The fact that it is powered by hand, makes it out of the ordinary!

Can’t wait to actually see it!

Hope his teacher has a sense of humor …..

Lanthie Ransom

Who you calling a Pussy!

I’m  back after a weeks hiatus.  I had a fairly large event last week and my Belly Dancing debut took place last night.  I will of course be blogging all about my show and how it went in the next few days.

I have loads of catching up to do – I see so many new blog posts by you all that I have not read and will be catching up in the next few days.

Of course while I was working 20 hours a day last week, my sons were at the usual antics of calling each other names.  It seems as though they don’t have to be in the same room as each other nowadays – they just send each other messages.

I happened to come across this one that Son no 3 sent to Son no 4 – I thought it was quite cleaver (shhh – don’t tell them that!)


Captains and Merits

Son no 3 recently announced that he had received a Merit Award at school.  This was around the same

Captains and Merits

time that Son no 4 was elected as Hockey Captain (About 10 days ago).  As he verbally told me about it, I forgot.  (I know – I can be a crappy parent at times)  He brought home the actual award this week and I once again congratulated him. But…..

Apparently I publicly congratulated Son no 4 on becoming captain and not son no 3 on his award. (Cannot find a blog post about it but maybe I mentioned it on Facebook)

So……  In order to appease the peanut gallery I would like to formally congratulate Son no 3 for winning a Merit Award for Culture (Dramatic Arts) which he received for his contribution to the One Act Play Festival.  Please pop on over to my Mr Bean Moment post and read about the One Act Play Festival he starred in.

Oh the things we do for our kids!

Gotta love them too bits!

Fairy Tales – Messages on a board

It has been awhile since my son (Son # 3) has written any new messages on the board in the kitchen.  He left a new message this morning which was definitely worth blogging about.

Messages on a Board - Fairy Tales

As you can guess by what he has written – we have been experiencing internet connectivity problems again.  Our fixed line operator (Telkom) are incapable of maintaining their infrastructure and as a result we have a really crappy ADSL line.

I really love the tag line at the bottom – “But I guess Fairy tales really aren’t true…. and they didn’t live happily ever after!”

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