Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a handjob and a blowjob?

Son no 4 has a project to do for school.  Now he told me about the project just over a week ago.  I have been a bad mommy lately as I have had too much on my plate.  Not that this should influence his project as I typically don’t help out with homework or projects, but I do like to keep my eye on them and make sure things get done.

I have been backing off a little now that he is about to go to high school as I also firmly believe that they need to be responsible enough to do their own homework and ask for help if required and where relevant.  

The brief for the project was as follows:

He had to make a toy that’s out of the ordinary, and has moving parts.

So this morning I ask him how is his planning going for the project and when does it need to be in by.

He proclaims it is finished!

Um – I haven’t been asked to go out and buy any supplies for it and I have not had any conversations with him about what he is going to make.   So now I am rather curious to know what he has made.

So he describes it to me – in essence it is a windmill!  But with a difference.

It is powered by hand.

His story was that if it was powered by wind, it would have been ordinary.  The fact that it is powered by hand, makes it out of the ordinary!

Can’t wait to actually see it!

Hope his teacher has a sense of humor …..

Lanthie Ransom