What Makes A Man Sexy?

As the mother of 4 boys, I am most definitely the thorn amongst the roses.   And I quite possibly have myself to blame.

You see, when I got married, I was young and innocent and had a lot to prove.  I wanted to be able to stand up on my own 2 feet and never feel dependent on a man.  I made a point of trying to do it all – including any DIY tasks.  So over the years if anything needed to be fixed or cabled up or programmed, I was the go to person. I am the technical one in the family.  I like to know how things work and I also pick things up very easily.  I can do anything and I am a true Jack of All Trades.

In my mission to be Supermom, I have done all the shopping and cooking and running of the home and managing of the children.  I have been lucky enough to have a maid to do the general cleaning but her duties have always stopped there.  Besides being Supermom, I also am part owner of 4 companies and run another company.  I have a very full day starting at 4am.

Hubby is and always has been a workaholic.  It is very typical for him to get up at 1am and be in the office working.  He enjoys what he does and I don’t have a problem with the hours he works. It also means he is in bed by 7pm at night of course.  We have always been very lucky with our business and have never wanted for anything so I can’t complain.  He has of course always let me get on with trying to be Supermom and left everything to me.

But lately things have changed.  I am tired of doing it all.  I would die happy if I never cooked another meal or attended another school function or attended another parents evening or done any shopping.  I love shopping as much as the next woman when it involves buying nice pretty things for me, but I am so done with the day to day shopping for groceries or household related items.  I am tempted to let my family die of starvation unless they go out and buy it themselves and cook it themselves.  Oh what I’d do for a man who could cook and do the shopping.

I hate it when I ask my family what they want for dinner – The typical answer is what have we got or whatever you want to make.  Guys – don’t you get it! I don’t want to make anything.  Just tell me WTF you want and I’ll make it.  The same with the grocery shopping.

So this brings me down to the point of this post.  I would like nothing better than to have a man that shares in the grocery shopping and cooking.    I think there is nothing sexier than a man in the kitchen making a meal and I mean a real meal – not eggs on toast or heating a ready made meal up in the microwave.

But then I saw something that made me see the downside to this fantasy.

I spent most of the weekend doing paperwork for a charitable organisation’s board I sit on and the board sat on Sunday morning so I did not have the opportunity to go shopping when I usually do.  The first opportunity I had was at lunch time on Sunday.  It was hectic.  Parking was a nightmare.  There were no trolleys.  The shelves were empty.  There was a long queue for the tills.  I was forced to spend longer than I wanted in the store.  Which gave me more time to observe other people shopping.

There was a young’ish father shopping in front of me.  He definitely had the drool factor (real nice tight ass!)  He was also pushing a trolley with a young girl of about 5 in – obviously his daughter.  So trying to keep my eyes off his ass, I was observing his interaction with his daughter.  And after a while I found myself uttering the term “Oh cute”.

Yeah – “Oh cute”.  They were adorable together.  He was all cutchy-coo with her and she was all lovey dovey to him.  And suddenly the drooling stopped.  There was nothing manly or sexy about him at all – in fact I wanted to barf!

I would hate to imagine him going home and the 2 of them together in the kitchen cooking a meal.

So a message to all you hot sexy dads out there – I know you quite possibly love your daughters more than life itself, but please leave them at home when you go shopping.  You can’t imagine how much you destroyed a perfectly good fantasy today.