Addendum to Call Me

So it appears that I am a little behind with my Call Me post.  I received a few links to some rather interesting products out there worth trying.

Anyone know how I can become a Guinea Pig?


Happy Ride

Vibrating Bicycle Seat (Currently available)

Lanthie Ransom

Call Me!

Woman can be weird.  And I am no different.  There are little things that make me laugh or giggle and my phone is one of them.

I now have an iPhone 5 – battery life seriously sucks on it so I have gotten into the habit of plugging it into a power source when driving.  All the little compartments in my car are full of various bits of crap like keys / coins / kids phones and other tidbits.

So I tend to plug it in an stick it between my legs while driving.

And then when my phone rings, well, you can just imagine the look on my face (oooh, I’m vibrating!)

So I had this idea – thought I would create an app that well, makes me smile on command if you know what I mean (wink wink).

Thought that if I was going to take this seriously, I would have to do some research and see what other apps are out there.  So I went onto the App store and searched for the term “Vibrator”.  I came across 131 of them.

I downloaded a few FREE ones (in the name of research) and thought I would tell you about them.

iVibe Massage Lite

Tap screen once to start the vibrations.  Makes a hell of a noise.  Yeah, wasn’t too impressed with it.  You can upgrade to the full version for a fee, maybe that comes with more control.


Oh yeah!  Liked this one…..Touch with 1, 2 or 3 fingers to start the vibrations.  The effect was great – will be trying this one a few more times.

Hot Massage

Ok – I paid for this one – looked too good to miss.  This one didn’t do anything different to what any of the free versions did – it vibrated, that was it!


Paid for this one too.  It has a slider that you can move up or down to vary the vibrations – nice feature.  Very simple and easy to use.


This one looked interesting – Says you can send “buzzes” to your friends phones.  Tap buzz to make your friends phone buzz.  Looked like a nice feature so I downloaded it.   Couldn’t figure out how to use it and gave up after 20 seconds.

Others that looked interesting:

3D Color Viibrate Stick

Think you need to buy the “appliance” and download the app to make it work – May add this to my Christmas list!


This one also has an “appliance” that you buy and control with your phone.  mmmm – Must look out for it to try!

Can’t say any of them are “mind blowing” and left me little disappointed and despondent.  Not sure I will be writing that app after all.  None of them really did anything more than receiving a call will do – so CALL ME!

Lanthie Ransom

We know it’s hard but try to keep excitement levels down!

I hate shopping with my sons – especially for clothes.  I had the rare pleasure on Friday as it was Son no 4’s birthday and he turned 13.  New clothes was on his birthday wish list (Yeah – strange kid, my other sons only ever had gadgets on their lists).

Anyway, I went traipsing around Sandton City Shopping Centre with him looking for new jeans. Son no 4 is not easily impressed and shopping for a pair of jeans is hardly a task he enjoys.  So I gave him his space and followed him into various stores while he pulled his face up at various different styles – he didn’t want Blue jeans, he wants Black ones (whatever that means)!

We finally found a pair he vaguely liked – so I sent him off to the fitting rooms to try them on.  I followed him in and asked for him to please pop out of the change room so I could double check the fitting.

Upon entering the fitting rooms – I was quite surprised to find that they were huge – and there was something original about them.   They had labelled each door with a quote of sorts.  I took a few pics to show you all.  I just love it when stores have a sense of humor and a little originality.

What happens in here, stays in here

This is not a door, it’s a gateway to hot looks

Don’t forget to pout

No photo’s without your agent present

Behind door no 3 …. nothing but good looks

You, this door, our clothes … anything can happen

Get in here quick, everybody’s doing it

We know it’s hard but try keep excitement levels down

We think you’re “so hot right now”
Way better than a phone booth … just ask superman

(The store in question was Mr Price at Sandton City Shopping Centre)